Mr. Deeds Goes Confederate

Creigh Deeds is nothing short of a God-send for the GOP in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Republicans could not have asked for a more idiotic candidate for Bob McDonnell to run against.

When the arguments about the economy were not working, Deeds wanted to make abortion his winning issue. Having forgotten (and then remembering) that 51% of Americans now identify themselves as pro-life, he quickly changed his focus from that to the Confederate flag.

It all started when someone found a picture and then proclaimed that Bob McDonnell was flying a Confederate flag at the Virginia Outdoor Sportsman Show.

Well, Joe Abbey, the Deeds campaign manager ultimately lost his job because of it.

From Erick Erickson over at Human Events:


Because the story blew up in their faces.

The confederate flag in question was at the adjacent booth, “which was selling confederate flags and other paraphernalia, though the angle of the photo makes it appears as if the flag was McDonnell’s,” the Washington Post reports.

But this gets even better. The Washington Post reminded everyone of something that Deeds said in 1999:

According to a 1999 Roanoke Times article, Deeds told legislators during that debate that: “I grew up in a house with a portrait of the Confederate flag on the wall. I grew up in a house with a portrait of Robert E. Lee on the wall over my bed.”

Now Deeds only wants to talk about increasing taxes on Virginians in the middle of a recession.

You can access the complete article on-line here:

Mr. Deeds Goes Confederate
Erick Erickson
Human Events Online
August 14, 2009