The White House War On Jobs

If Joeseph Goebbels were re-incarnated and alive today, he would be somewhere in the Obama administration writing press releases about how jobs were being created or had been thus far saved. Those proclamations from the Obama White House are certainly strange, especially when the concurrent news stories are about how jobless claims are increasing on a monthly basis.

I don’t think that Baghdad Bob would approve of such efforts at misleading propaganda.

But, Obama still has trouble accepting responsibility for the failed stimulus package and preferes to continue assigning blame to George W. Bush, who has been out of office for over a year-and-a-half now. Joe Biden is loathe to go back to the “good old days” when people had stable jobs and steady paychecks.

Michelle Malkin has a great article regarding the jobs being lost, even as Obama and family enjoy an upper-class vacation at Martha’s Vineyard when most Americans can barely afford to take any kind of vacation at all.

From her column:

These are not the wealthy fat cats and Big Business titans Democrats love to demonize.

They’re employees of companies like Assurant Health, which announced last week that it would slash 130 jobs at its offices in Milwaukee and Plymouth, Minn., to prepare for costly Obamacare mandates.

They’re employees of medical device firms in Massachusetts, where officials say they’ll be forced to cut back on operational costs and jobs thanks to a little-noticed Obamacare tax on their products that goes into effect in 2013.

They’re employees of restaurants like White Castle and International House of Pancakes, whose executives say they will be forced into layoffs and premium hikes to cope with the federal law’s $3,000-per-employee penalty on companies whose workers pay more than 9.5 percent of household income in premiums for company-provided insurance.

They’re mom-and-pop enterprises across the country that must now deal with Obamacare’s onerous Section 9006 tax-filing mandate. It requires them to file 1099 forms with the IRS for every vendor from whom they purchase $600 or more in goods. Nebraska GOP Sen. Mike Johanns calls it one of many “job-crushing provisions” that will bury small business in paperwork and legal costs.

They’re the estimated 23,000 workers in the deepwater drilling industry whom the White House deliberately wrote off in pursuit of its junk science-based drilling moratorium.

They’re the estimated tens of thousands of workers employed by car dealers that were shut down by Obama’s auto czars at a time, as the TARP inspector general pointed out last month, “when the country was experiencing the worst economic downturn in generations and the government was asking its taxpayers to support a $787 billion stimulus package designed primarily to preserve jobs… — all based on a theory and without sufficient consideration of the decisions’ broader economic impact.”

They’re employees of Utah oil and gas companies whose leases have been pulled without cause by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. The Interior Department’s own Inspector General rejected Salazar’s explanation that the Bush administration had rushed the leases through. The Deseret News reports that “rescinding these leases has likely cost the state millions already. Officials in Uintah county estimate the county lost 3,000 jobs in 2009, and Duchesne lost 1,000 jobs.”

They’re employees of commercial and recreational fishing businesses in New England, who have organized a flotilla on Martha’s Vineyard on Thursday to protest the Obama administration’s restrictive environmental policies and stealth regulatory ocean grab.

It’s no wonder that Democrats up for re-election this year are stampeding as fast as they can away from the White House and its current occupant.

You can access the complete article on-line here:

The White House War on Jobs
Michelle Malkin
August 25, 2010

Playboy Goes Off The Deep End And Advocates ‘Rough Sex’ On Conservative Women

I know. Several of you libs out there will say that I am over-reacting to some harmless twit who happens to write for Playboy Magazine. Well, my answer to that is: Would you leftists have the same exact attitude if it were a Conservative man writing about wanting to hate**** leftist-liberal women? I doubt that anyone on the left would tolerate that for even two seconds.

Thus, leftist the double standard shines through once again.

In case you don’t know what I am writing about, Playboy published an article by some idiot named Guy Cimbalo who lists the Top 10 Republican women he would like to hate****/rape.

Here is what was written in that article:

Obama promised us the dream of post-partisanship-a cuckoo land where party affiliation and factional animosity were forgotten. Turn on cable news or open any newspaper, however, and you’ll quickly discover that the dream has yet to materialize. But there is a way to reach across the aisle without letting principles fall by the wayside. We speak, naturally, of the hate f***. We may despise everything these women represent, but goddammit they’re hot. Let the healing begin.

Although Cimbalo wrote this himself, his use of the word “we” suggests that everyone at Playboy feels this hatred of these Republican women and that they believe these women should be treated roughly for their opinions.

Apparently, Playboy was so embarrased by the whole thing that they’ve already pulled the pages off of their website and tried to throw them into the memory hole. Too late though. You can access screenshots of those pages on-line here:

Screenshots of So Right, It’s Wrong
Warning: Language Content!!!
June 2, 2009

And Washington Times writer Amanda Carpenter, who made the Top 10 list, has this to say:

I’m in Playboy for GOP women they’d like to “hate f***” They didn’t even get my employer right. What should I do? Mon 01 Jun 11:51 via web

I’m steamed. That list is vile, insulting and WRONG on factual matters.

The use of the word hate **** makes this list vile and completely out of line. To suggest to men that GOP women should have some kind of rough sex pushed on them because of their political beliefs is sickening. They are smearing professional women over politics and not even pretending to look at facts. They didn’t even get my employer right, but there was detailed descriptions of how I might perform in bed.

Looks like Playboy has sunk to the level of Larry Flint. Any claims of class on the part of Playboy must now be considered as chutzpuh.

Again, to all of you libs who would simply excuse this away as some sort of immature “boys will be boys” happening, I have to ask: Would you hold the same exact attitude if it were a Conservative man writing that he wanted to hate**** liberal women?

Feel free to respond.

Pro-Amnesty Groups To Help Obama In The Census: No Illegal Alien Left Behind

ACORN, the voter-fraud organization that worked so hard to register voters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Clark Kent, along with pro-amnesty groups like Voto Latino and Service Employees International Union (SEIU) will be helping Barack Obama make sure that illegals are counted as population in the upcoming census thereby helping to ensure that the Dems will maintain a majority and will be able to force their disastrous socialist agenda on the rest of us.

No, this is not the plot of some futuristic movie from the 1970’s. It is cold, hard reality today. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke set this wheel in motion when he told the “government’s partners” (i.e. ACORN, Voto Latino and SEIU) that the “privacy rights” of census takers would not be violated. What that means is that the people doing the census will not ask whether or not a family being counted is actually a legitimate family or an illegal family.

That will have long-range consequences on the politcal map here in the United States.

Writing for Town Hall, Michelle Malkin has the following:

Obama’s census partners are using the process to pressure homeland security agents to halt interior enforcement efforts and workplace raids so that illegal alien cooperation with the national survey is maximized. Inclusion of the massive illegal alien population has resulted in a radical redrawing of the electoral map.

The census is used to divvy up seats in the House as a proportion of their population based on the headcount. More people equals more seats. More illegal immigrants counted equals more power.

This is not hypothetical. The Center for Immigration Studies determined that in the 2000 election cycle, the presence of non-citizens, including illegal immigrants, temporary visitors and green-card holders, caused nine seats in the House to switch hands. As the think tank’s analysis reported: California added six seats it would not have had otherwise. Texas, New York and Florida each gained a seat. Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin each lost a seat. Montana, Kentucky and Utah each failed to secure a seat they would otherwise have gained.

Given ACORN’s track record at fraudulently registering voters over the past eight years, it is very likely that ACORN may use those same fraud techniques to influence the census count and make sure that Congress and the federal government remains in the hands of the socialists.

And Obama himself is already making sure that illegals are free to remain in the United States for the census:

The Obama Department of Homeland Security is already continuing the tradition — reversing the work of investigative agents who have uncovered massive document fraud at illegal alien worksites, and cutting immigration and customs enforcement operations at the knees.

During the eight years of the Bush administration, groups such as ACORN received millions of dollars in subsidies. The pro-amnesty faction of the GOP pandered to unions such as the SEIU and ethnic lobbying groups such as Voto Latino seeking to boost their membership rolls.

Now Republicans can only stand by helplessly while the political opponents they helped fund use the census to wipe them off the electoral map. You reap what you sow.

I wonder if those pro-amnesty Republicans are going to recant all those speeches they made when they tried to shove amnesty down our throats back in 2007.

Do you, as an American, want the future of our nation determined by a bunch of aliens who entered and stayed in the county illegally? I don’t.

You can access the complete column on-line here:

Obama Census Plan: No Illegal Alien Left Behind
Michelle Malkin
April 3, 2009

Ordinary Americans Cut Back While Obama And The Privileged Elite Live It Up

I remember during the campaign last year that Obama had said that we Americans are going to have to sacrifice. Apparently, he meant that you and I have to sacrifice while he enjoys a life of luxury along with his socialist cronies.

Take for example his setting of the thermostat in the White House. While every other American family is being forced to cut back on energy consumption so that they can make their next mortgage payment (and possibly their neighbor’s mortgage payment as well), Obama is cranking up the heat so he can have warm comfort.

Writing for Town Hall, Michelle Malkin has a few observations:

An online Zogby International survey this week reported that 70 percent of households are foregoing movies and restaurants. Forty percent of those polled said they were delaying the purchase of major items such as automobiles, home entertainment electronics or a computer; the same percent said they were giving up vacations. Notably, Reuters pointed out, “nearly 80 percent of younger adults, aged 18-29, said they have scaled back on going out, compared to 55 percent of people 65 years and older.”

But, does the socialist politician who made the remark about Americans having to sacrifice do the same thing as the common man?

Not in the least bit:

President Obama, celebrated by his liberal media admirers for a miraculous ability to groove with the common man, hasn’t yet caught on to the new age of individual austerity. As always, he talks a good game of “personal responsibility” and “sacrifice.” But while penny-pinching Americans head to Sonic Drive-Ins for $1 everyday value meals or stay at home for cheap cube-steak dinners (sales of the inexpensive meat are up 10 percent), the White House serves up high-grade Wagyu beef to congressional revelers. The luxury item was on the menu for the bipartisan stimulus dinner in January, and was also served at the governors’ dinner hosted at the White House two weeks ago.

Team Obama’s image experts, perhaps hung over from all the Camelot-re-creating Wednesday cocktail parties that are now a signature of the new administration, have fallen down on the job. The man who scolded Americans for wasting energy and turning their thermostats too high still hasn’t lowered his own. “He’s from Hawaii, OK?” senior adviser David Axelrod snickered to The New York Times in January. “He likes it warm. You could grow orchids in there.”

So, the fact that “he’s from Hawaii” makes it okay for him to practice his hypocrisy?

Obama is nothing more than a socialist elitist and it will be a pleasure tossing his hypocritical rear-end out of office in 2012.

You can access the complete column on-line here:

Cube-Steak Americans Vs. The Wagyu-Beef White House
Michelle Malkin
March 6, 2009

The ACORN Slush Fund: An Example Of Dems Paying Back The Street Thugs

The current spending bill (mis-named as a “stimulus” package) went through the House of Representatives along party lines. Not one single Republican voted for it. Not one. But, eleven Democrats voted agaqinst it it.

It’s a good thing that the Republicans acted in unison on this. That means that the Dems will completely own this bill and whatever results from its passage.

One of those results is handing billions of taxpayer’s dollars to the voter fraud organization known as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now or ACORN.

We already know how ACORN routinely engages in voter fraud schemes in order to get leftist candidates (Democrats) elected.

ACORN Voter Fraud Uncovered In Michigan

ACORN Submits Faked Voter Registration Forms

ACORN Voter Fraud Is Widespread

Even More ACORN Voter Fraud

ACORN Tries To Register Mickey Mouse

More Voter Fraud From ACORN

But, they have other activities to keep themselves occupied with as well.

Writing for Town Hall, Michelle Malkin has the following:

ACORN, you may recall, is the left-wing activist group with longtime ties to community organizer-turned-President Barack Obama. The nonprofit, which now takes in 40 percent of its revenues from American taxpayers after four decades on the public teat, has a history of engaging in voter fraud, corporate shakedowns, partisan bullying and pro-illegal immigration lobbying. The Democrats’ stimulus proposals could make the group — and its lesser known but even more radical ideological allies — eligible for upward of $5 billion in new public cash.

Talk about subsidizing failure. These are the same activists that helped sow the seeds of the subprime meltdown. They aggressively played the race card and pressured banks to loosen standards, throw out down payments and lend to some of the nation’s riskiest borrowers. Now, these mobs protest across the country, disrupt foreclosure auctions, threaten bank executives and accuse lenders of, yep, racism for lending to those riskiest of borrowers.

Talk about Orwellian logic. First, ACORN helps to apply pressure to banks to make bad loans and then accuses the bank of racism for making such loans. This is what the Dems in Congress want to subsidize with billions of your dollars?


Under the stimulus bill, as nonprofit watchdog Matthew Vadum points out, the middlemen would be eliminated — “making it easier to get Uncle Sam’s largess directly into the hands of the same people who run ACORN’s various vote fraud and extortion rackets.” Moreover, Vadum reports, “the legislative package provides these funds without the usual prohibition on using government money for lobbying or political activities.”

So, the Dems don’t want ACORN to be under the same lobbying rules as everyone else. Didn’t Barack Obama campaign on restricting lobbyist access to the legislative process? Why is he breaking that promise with ACORN?

Next in line for the stimulus windfall is the Massachusetts-based Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA). Founder Bruce Marks proudly calls himself a “bank terrorist.” As I reported last spring, Marks threatened to march into the neighborhoods of bank executives and bully their children. He’s done it for years, all under the guise of “social justice” and “neighborhood stabilization.”

Marks’ agenda is blatantly political and personally lucrative. NACA — with dozens of offices across the country — has a no down payment, no closing costs, low interest rate policy for low-income minority borrowers and takes a hefty fee for each transaction. NACA loan applicants are then required to attend workshops that indoctrinate them in the group’s protest thuggery.

Nazi Brown Shirts. That’s all these people are. They do not deserve to stick their snouts in the public trough, especially when so many Americans are lacking basic necessities. The Dems seem to be okay with denying those necessities while handing monetary payouts to political allies.

This pork spending bill needs to be stopped. The Republicans in the House were right to all vote “Nay.”

You can access the complete article on-line here:

Stimulus Slush Fund For Housing Entitlement Thugs
Michelle Malkin
January 30, 2009

UAW Resorts For UAW Officers: More Examples Of Where The Tax-Payer Funded Bailout Will Be Going

My last blog entry dealt with the hypocrisy of the United Auto Workers and their leadership in owning a resort that consistently has lost money over the years.

But, Michelle Malkin has taken this story to new levels by exposing other projects that the UAW leadership has wasted it’s members’ money on.

From Town Hall:

In May and November 2007, the UAW forked over nearly $53,000 for union staff meetings at the Thousand Hills Golf Resort in Branson, Mo. In September 2007, the UAW dropped another $5,000 at the Lakes of Taylor Golf Club in Taylor, Mich., and another $9,000 at the Thunderbird Hills Golf Club in Huron, Ohio. Another bill for $5,772 showed up for the Branson, Mo., golf resort. On Oct. 26, 2007, the union spent $5,000 on another “golf outing” in Detroit. In May and June 2007, UAW bosses spent nearly $11,000 on a golf tournament and related expenses at the Hawthorne Hill Country Club in Lima, Ohio. And in April 2007, the UAW spent $12,000 for a charity golf sponsorship in Dearborn, Mich. In August 2007, the UAW paid nearly $10,000 to its for-profit Black Lake golf course operator, UBG, for something itemized as “Golf 2007 Summer School.” UBG had nearly $4.4 million worth of outstanding loans from the union. Another for-profit entity that runs the education center, UBE, had nearly $20 million in outstanding loans from the union.

And while the UAW and carmakers cry poor, they’ve operated massive joint funds for years that have paid for lavish items such as multi-million-dollar NASCAR racer sponsorships and Las Vegas junkets. The dire economic downturn hasn’t changed the behavior of profligate union bigs at the front office or the shop floor. Local Detroit TV station WDIV recently caught local UAW bosses Ron Seroka and Jim Modzelewski — both of whom make six-figure salaries — on tape squandering thousands of hours of overtime on such important labor security matters as on-the-clock beer runs and bowling tournaments.

And the idiots in Congress who voted “Yea” on the Detroit bailout still beleive they were doing something honorable.

Let the bums go bankrupt.

You can access the complete column on-line here:

The UAW’s Money-Squandering Corruptocracy
Michelle Malkin
December 31, 2008

Michelle Malkin: The Democratic Culture Of Corruption


You knew someone was going to say it. You knew someone was going to point out that the Democrats, despite their promise in 2006 of cleaning up the “culture of corruption,” have engaged in every bit as much corruption as they claim the Republicans have, maybe even moreso now that the Illinois Senate Seat scandal has broken. But, because of the hypocrisy that seems to be inherent in the Democrat party, nobody would admit to the wrongdoing or nor take any steps to clean up their own house.

And now, Rod Balgojevich has led those chickens home to roost. Michelle Malkin, writing for Townhall, gives us some great insight on the matter:

Democrats and the media can no longer rest on the old rationalization that Blago is an exception to the “we’re cleaner than thou” rule. 2008 was the year of Democratic Reps. William “Cold Cash” Jefferson, Charlie “Sweetheart Deals” Rangel, and former Detroit Mayor Kwame “Text Me” Kilpatrick. It was the year Democratic Massachusetts State Senator Dianne Wilkerson got caught stuffing bribes from an FBI informant down her shirt. It was the year 12 Democratic leaders and staffers in Pennsylvania’s state Capitol were stung in a massive corruption scandal involving cash, sex and abuse of public office. And it was the year of multimillion-dollar embezzlement scandals at Democratic satellite offices of ACORN and the SEIU.The Democrats have met the culture of corruption, and it looks like it ain’t just elephants among the jackasses soiling public office.

The Dems need to shut up about corruption in other people’s houses until they clean up their own. And given the wonderful start to the Obama Administration, they had better do it soon.

You can access the complete column on-line here:

The Democratic Culture Of Corruption
Michelle Malkin
December 10, 2008