Democrat Violence Against Private Citizen Caught On Video

The next time a Democrat tries to say that they abhor violence and are the most tolerant and peace-loving group in the nation and that they staunchly support the First Amendment, remember the following video:

Video Of Activist Thugs Attacking A Private Citizen Exercizing His First Amendment Right

Democrats are encouraged to reply and tell us how they feel about the assaults that occured in this video.

I would classify this as a hate crime since the two Democrats in question clearly hated the man they attacked.

Further, I have two questions: 1) Why invite the public to a forum where you will be making comments you do not want recorded? 2) Where is the condemnation of these two thugs by Governor Kitzhaber?


Violent Mob Of Gays And Lesbians Attack Elderly Christian Woman

The next time someone accuses me of hate speech against gays and lesbians, I am going to remind them of how a violent mob of gays and lesbians attacked Phyillis Burgess, slapped a cross out of her hand and began stomping on it as they surrounded her.

How hateful is that? These people want us to accept them as civilized members of society and they go on a barbaric rampage like this? Why shouldn’t this be considered a “hate-crime?” Clearly, they did this out of hate for Christians.

You can access the video on-line here:

Violent Mob Of Gays And Lesbians Attack Elderly Woman

Why do people in the Democratic party and on the left in general claim to embrace “tolerance” when they act so intolerant towards those with differing views?

And what would have been the response from the Mass Media outlets if it had been a gay or lesbian attacked by a mob of Christians? Certainly not the silence they are giving to this story.

You can read an on-line report about this situation here:

Video Shows Gay ‘Marriage’ Backers Terrorizing Cross-Carrying Elderly Woman And Reporter
Kathleen Gilbert
November 10, 2008