Crowd Size From ‘One Nation’ Versus Crowd Size From “Restoring Honor’

We all know that the left-leaning media (i.e. ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN as well as the Washington Post and New York Times) do whatever they can to put down Conservatives and then prop-up leftists. Many years ago, people would simply believe it because it was in print or broadcast over a major network and no one had any way of checking the news people’s “facts.” Until now. This is why the Internet is so important to us these days. It helps us expose who is lying and who is telling the truth.

Take for example two different rallies. On August 28th was the “Restoring Honor” and October 2nd the “One Nation” rally. The news media tried to downplay the size of the August rally and tried to make the October rally sound larger than it was.

But the real proof is below. This is a shot of the crowd from the “Restoring Honor” rally:

And this is a shot of the “One Nation” rally:

These two photos speak for themselves and also speak to the dishonest manner in which the above mentioned news outlets distort facts and information.


Crowd Size From The 9/12 March On Washington DC

Check this picture out:

It was taken by a Trafficland camera this past Saturday during the 9/12 protest. Yes, that is the U.S. Capitol several blocks into the background.

Now, given the size of the crowd in that picture, look at how the Washington D.C. Park Service estimates the size of a crowd:

I’ll leave it to you to estimate the crowd size. I already have a good idea of what it is.

But while you are thinking about it, here are some more pictures from the 9/12 Tea Party protest:

Policitians ignore us at their own peril.