Funny But Accurate Cartoon Today


2 Responses

  1. How is that accurate? I don’t even smoke that shite, and still, I don’t get it…how is it any worse than alcohol? I watched my father fight a long and hard battle with the bottle, and lose in the end, at 56. I have yet to see a pot smoker go through the DT’s…have I stumbled into the rednack section of WordPress?

    • You’re focusing on just one thing. Look at the whole picture. The Obama administration claims that Arizona’s SB1070 will hinder efforts at enforcing Federal law, so they filed a lawsuit to stop it. But Sanctuary cities, so-called medical marijuana dispensaries, et. al. are also hinderances to enforcing Federal law, but the Obama administration is taking no action against them. That’s a little bit hypocriticial, don’t you think? BTW, it’s spelled “redneck” not “rednack.”

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