Think Progress Used A Heavily Edited Video To ‘Prove’ Tea Party Is Racist

But they didn’t show the full video nor did they mention that the subject of the video was a Democrat plant sent in to stir up controversy. That man was a well-documented Tea Party crasher.

In the Think Progress version of the clip, you only see one or two seconds of this man claiming that he is a white racist. This is due to the editing that Think Progress did to reduce the six-minute clip down to only those parts they could use as propaganda. In other words, Think Progress is deliberately misleading their viewership.

Here is the full video and proof that the Tea Party is not tolerent of racists in their midst:

Also note that Think Progress used another video to claim Tea Party racism but retracted it when it was learned that the video footage they were using was from 2006, three years before the Tea Party revolution began.

Any members or supporters of Think Progress are welcome to address this post and give their side of the story.


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  1. I live in Virginia. Each and every profoundly racist person I know is a Tea Party member denying up and down that the party is racist. This whole thing makes me laugh. Are we really supposed to believe that when Obama was elected ALL the racists just went “poof” and disappeared?
    I think it’s called “projection”. When you “project” bad things about yourself… on others, to make yourself feel better. So… “We are not racist… Obama is!”
    How can you not laugh like hell?

    • levelsofillusion,

      It is easy to paint with a very broad brush and deny the obvious. The video speaks for itself and the fact that your political allies at edited a six minute video down to two seconds to produce a piece of propaganda speaks volumes.

      It is true racists are everywhere, even in the minority communities. For example, it is really laughable to say that New Black Panther King Shamir Shabazz was not racist when he commented that white babies should be killed.

      However, no such audio or video was ever taken at a Tea Party event, unless the subject of the video was a plant trying to stir up controversy as shown above.

      If you really believe the Tea Parties are racist, then perhaps you would do well to attend a few Tea Party events with some of the so-called “racist” people that you know and get some video evidence. Until you do, all you are doing here is parroting leftist talking points that have been completely discredited thanks to the diligence of people who take their video cameras to Tea Party events.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

      • Well, I really don’t think you are being fair here.
        A) I’m NOT a Liberal
        B) The “Black Panthers” have nothing to do with this conversation… unless… you are proving my “projection” theory to be true. [as in]..”SEE, the Blacks are racist too!” (so it’s OK for us)
        C) I have been to Tea Party events. Met a lot of people I know well there. Been racist all their lives. BUT, if they have any sense at all they will keep it under wraps at events for the same reason the KKK had sheets on.

        I am NOT trying to paint with any kind of brush. I just happen to live in Central Virginia where I “observe” with my own eyes people I have known for years who are and ALWAYS have been blatantly racist…. now pretending after joining the TEA PARTY that… well… they ain’t racist at all any more.
        It’s just too funny for words.
        And how about my question? Where did all the racists go all of a sudden? You figure they just upped and joined the Progressives.. or what?

      • levelsofillusion,

        First let’s go back to your original post in which you implied, with absolutely no evidence at all that all Tea Party members were racist. I challenged you on that implication to produce some evidence. Your response was to come up with hypotheticals that amount to nothing more than argument conceding cop-outs.

        I stand by what I said. The videos speak for themselves regardless of what Alinsky-style spin you try to put on it. Again, I will ask you for hard evidence to back your implication that all Tea Party members are racist. Just because levelsofillusion makes the claim does not make it true.

        Now, what hard evidence do you have that all Tea Party members are racist?

  2. Complaining about video distortion seems a bit odd in light of your post immediately preceding this one.

    • Not odd all at all. Sherrod admitted to an overt act of racism, regardless of when it happened or what epiphany she had afterward. The video shows solid evidence of that. However, there is no video (or audio) evidence of racism within the Tea Parties (except that which has been fabricated by organizations like I am not being obnoxious nor am I misstating anything here. The videos speak for themselves regardless of how the leftists want to spin these stories with their Alinsky-style tactics.

      • “Sherrod admitted to an overt act of racism”

        Actually she admitted thinking it–not at all surprising considering her background, with a black father killed by a white farmer–and then overcoming those thoughts to do what was right. I doubt that many of us would do so well in such a situation.

        Even the farmer in question has denied that Sherrod was a racist. As to the point of distortion, of course Breitbart, Fox News and others suggested that her action was much more recent and while she was a government employee, niether of which was true. Thanks.

      • This is a prime example of how leftists are trying to re-write history to their own advantage regardless of the facts. Here are her words:

        “I didn’t give him the full force of what I could do. I did enough.”

        She goes on to say the reason why she withheld aid:

        “He needed to go back and report that I did try to help him.”

        Even the NAACP is concerned about the reaction her admission produced when they issued the following statement condemning Sherrod:

        “The reaction from many in the audience is disturbing. We will be looking into the behavior of NAACP representatives at this local event and take any appropriate action.”

        Personally, I’m not holding my breath that Sherrod or anyone in the NAACP is going to clean up the racism that exists in their own ranks. And I’m not holding my breath the is going to forsake it’s own efforts at propagandizing by editing a video the subject of which was a plant sent to a Tea Party to try and stir up artificial controversy.

    • But James McP…. Someone should suggest that she join the Tea Party. Then, any questions about her being a racist would simply be dismissed out of hand. As they should.

  3. This response has been withheld until levelsofillusion presents hard evidence to back their claims.

    • Hey, when are you going to withhold YOUR opinions until YOU present hard evidence that the racists in America support the Democrats? …Or the Greens …Or the “Progressives”? Or, they decided to give up voting entirely.

      Or, that they upped and disappeared into thin air….. (or space ships)

      Anyplace BUT the Tea Party….. right?

  4. … “All Tea Party members are racist.”…?

    Where did I post that?

    If I were you I wouldn’t post my last comment either. The answers to my questions would be entirely TOO damning to your cause. Much better to accuse me of claiming something I NEVER claimed. Of course all Tea Party members are not racist! That is just silly.
    Since I don’t even know who “Alinsky” is… I can’t comment.
    Why have you changed the subject to Sherrod? Not cricket old boy!
    We were discussing the Tea Party and the lack of ANY party other than the Tea Party for any red blooded American racist to join. Unless you DO think all the racists were abducted by aliens.
    So, here is how it stands. You concede…. Unless you are willing to put up my “missing” post that simply asks questions of intelligent readers. Nothing more. Or, will you just hide this one too and pretend that you win. Then again… we will BOTH know different, won’t we?

  5. [84]… This is a FAR CRY from saying ALL Tea Party members are racist, or, do you think I am personally acquainted with each and every member of the Tea Party?

    …”I live in Virginia. Each and every profoundly racist person I know is a Tea Party member denying up and down that the party is racist. This whole thing makes me laugh. Are we really supposed to believe that when Obama was elected ALL the racists just went “poof” and disappeared?”…

    How about YOU answer MY questions. After all… you are here to defend the Tea Party … not me.

    • Here is my answer to you: Post your evidence of massive racism within the Tea Party. Just because you make the claim doesn’t make it true. I’ve posted my evidence, now you need to post yours. Your hypothetical questions (which were heavily slanted to the liberal left, by the way) do not constitute evidence. If you don’t have any evidence to back up your claims, please say so.

  6. Good Grief 84, are you serious?

    So it’s “words in my mouth” again, is it? Where did I say “massive racism”? I am simply asking people (and you) to use your heads.
    But, lets get something straight here. Neither one of us can test every member of the “Party” for purity of racial thought and intention. So, lets say we cut the crap.
    The racists went SOMEWHERE! Their racist ideology and intention MUST be focused and represented SOMEWHERE… by some “Party” or group of people. (Or, do you really think they were abducted by aliens?) .
    I simply and honestly posted to you that ALL the racists I know here in the Heartland of Bible thumping Central Virginia want to “Take Back THEIR Country” … (from just whom, well I can’t imagine) ..and they think the Tea Party is just Great.
    Now, the educated people and the Yankee transplants… not so much.

    But that’s just me and my experience. I certainly can’t extrapolate that to blanket the country. No more than, lets say: You can.
    Since there is only one “Party” anyway… the question is moot. Politics is mere theatrics. It is to America what “The Games” were to Rome. Entertainment for the Mob while the greedy sociopathic power brokers loot the planet.
    Or, where you under the erroneous impression that politics was on the level? That your vote counted? That politicians go to Washington to do what “you” think they should do? That all this government stuff wasn’t a sham and a scam by fat cats to trade money for power and then power for money right back again?
    Open your eyes.
    You need to read this:

    (Did you know that only 4% of the free Americans here where “we hold certain truths to be self evident” even qualified to vote for George Washington?) What a HOOT!

    • You implied that every racist in America went into the Tea Party. You have yet to back it up with any evidence.

      • …”The videos speak for themselves.”…

        Did you ever see the movie “Zelig” “84”?

        I never implied that EVERY racist in America went into the Tea Party. If you inadvertently got that impression, I apologize. I’m SURE it isn’t true.

        I’m sure some joined The White Peoples Party, some the Neonazi Party, some The White Supremacists and some stayed with the Republicans. Only the ones I know joined the Tea Party.

  7. “Even the NAACP is concerned about the reaction her admission produced when they issued the following statement condemning Sherrod”

    That should say “was concerned”–as in, the NAACP was concerned about the supposed admission when they reacted to the out-of-context video. NAACP President Ben Jealous has since publicly apologized to Sherrod, calling her “clearly a commited and selfless public servant, who had been unfairly maligned.”

    Bill O’Reilly also has apologized to Sherrod on his show. But I guess you think he was right before his apology, and wrong when he made it?

    • NO James McPherson! A thousand times NO!

      Bill and anything else you hear on FOX is always right. Haven’t you ever read 1984?

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