“The level of non-disclosure of adverse data we saw was perhaps perfectly acceptable.”

The quote in the title came from Steve McIntyre of Climate Audit. It clearly shows how the AGW alarmist crowd is perfectly willing to unethically manipulte data and information to prove their cause.

No true scientist would ever accept any level of “non-disclosure” for anything. Non-disclosure is simply another way of saying “hiding the truth.”

From the American Thinker:

After Apollo 17 moonwalker Dr. Harrison Schmitt, gave a wonderful presentation on climate policy from a constitutional standpoint, Climate Audit’s Steve McIntyre took the podium to discuss Climategate and the valuable role he played in uncovering the scandal. But after walking us through the Briffa and Mann reconstructions, Mike’s Nature Trick, the conspiratorial emails and other unscrupulous goings on at CRU, Steve stopped quite a bit short of passing judgment on the co-conspirators. In fact, referring to those who have obstructed the truth about the “hockey stick” and thereby climate sensitivity itself, Steve – who admitted he had no problem with governments dictating energy policy — suggested only that their “tricks” be disavowed and “such practices be avoided in the future.”

During the Q&A segment that followed, Bass let us in on something McIntyre told him upon ending his presentation – that the rousing standing ovation from the audience Steve received before his talk began and decidedly less enthusiastic and predominately seated reaction afterwards didn’t go unnoticed.

When questioned why Mann, Jones, and company shouldn’t be thrown in jail, Steve surprised and, no doubt, disappointed many in attendance. He approached CRU’s trickery as “academic misconduct,” stating that in academic circles the level of non-disclosure of adverse data we saw was perhaps perfectly acceptable.

No. What they’ve have done and are doing is completely reprehensible and will only serve to undermine the public’s trust of real science.

You can access the complete article on-line here:

ICCC 4 Opens With A Climategate Surprise
Marc Sheppard
American Thinker
May 18, 2010


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