The Great Hoax Of The 21st Century (Global Warming)

This comes from Patrick Buchanan over at Human Events Online. Given the revelations that British and Australian Media outlets have exposed concerning things like the Univeristy of East Anglia email scandal and the fact that IPCC insiders knew that their Himalayan glacier reports were false, Global Warming is shaping up to be the scientific hoax of the 21st Century.

Oh, and let’s not forget the actions of Dr. James Hansen:

Dr. James Hansen: Unethically Manipulating The Data (Global Warming Junk Science)

Dr. James Hansen Admits The True Goal Of Global Warming Alarmists: Socialist Redistribution Of Wealth

Dr. James Hansen Gets It Wrong Again

Buchanan briefly describes the biggest hoaxes of the 20th Century (i.e. Piltdown Man and Nebraska Man) before looking into the newest scientific hoax to date:

But if Piltdown Man and his American cousin Nebraska Man were the hoaxes of the 20th century, global warming is the great hoax of the 21st. In a matter of months, what have we learned:

— In its 2007 report claiming that the Himalayan glaciers are melting, the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change relied on a 1999 news story in a popular science journal, based on one interview with a little-known Indian scientist who said this was pure “speculation,” not supported by any research. The IPCC also misreported the supposed date of the glaciers’ meltdown as 2035. The Indian had suggested 2350.

— The IPCC report that global warming is going to kill 40 percent of the Amazon rainforest and cut African crop yields 50 percent has been found to be alarmist propaganda.

— The IPCC 2007 report declared 55 percent of Holland to be below sea level, an exaggeration of over 100 percent.

— While endless keening is heard over the Arctic ice cap, we hear almost nothing of the 2009 report of the British Antarctica Survey that the sea ice cap of Antarctica has been expanding by 100,000 square kilometers a decade for 30 years. That translates into 3,800 square miles of new Antarctic ice every year.

— Though America endured one of the worst winters ever, while the 2009 hurricane season was among the mildest, the warmers say this proves nothing. But when our winters were mild and the 2005 hurricane season brought four major storms to the U.S. coast, Katrina among them, the warmers said this validated their theory.

You can’t have it both ways.

— The Climatic Research Unit at East Anglia University, which provides the scientific backup for the IPCC, apparently threw out the basic data on which it based claims of a rise in global temperatures for the century. And a hacker into its e-mail files found CRU “scientists” had squelched the publication of dissenting views.

Yep. This is what people on the left call “science.” To them, “science” is that which agrees with their political philosophy and encompasses nothing that goes counter to their political philosophy. Hence the massive fraud.

You can access the complete essay on-line here:

Hoax Of The Century
Pat Buchanan
Human Events Online
March 2, 2010


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