Al Gore Should Be Stripped Of His Nobel Prize

This article pulls no punches and leaves no question as to what is being said.

Basically, it is a call for Al Gore to be stripped of his Nobel Prize which was largely based on politics and junk science. But, the author actually goes further and recommends an investigation into Gore’s actions and influence peddling.

From the article:

With recent events such as the blizzards and record cold weather taking place not only in the U.S. but the world, the admittance by Phil Jones, a climate scientist, that the world has been in a cooling trend for over the past ten years, and no concrete scientific evidence, only computer generated models of future climate scenarios to prove it by, the time has come to strip Albert Arnold Gore of his Nobel Prize on the grounds that it was awarded to a man who knew nothing at all about anything remotely related to climate and weather and had his own financial gains in mind rather than the good of the world when he accepted it.

It gets even better:

Al Gore is a hypocrite to his own idealism when it comes to his lifestyle of using more energy resources than perhaps anyone in the world. If he were sincere about his own cause, this fact would not be an issue as he would see to it that he lived within the means of his own Global Warming Doctrine of saving as much energy as possible.

If anything Gore should be sued by every business entity affected by his flawed theory and brought up on charges of fraud and conspiracy for such lies.

With the prospect of making billions from investments in green energy, Al Gore and his so-called scientists and researchers, which amount to a group of business individuals with similar investment goals, continue to lie to the public in hopes that some form of legislation will be enacted to further their cause of acquiring billions of dollars from a duped public.

Such GW legislation would have dire consequences for both citizens and businesses here in the U.S. as we are in the worst economic shape since the Great Depression.

This country simply cannot afford any more taxes, higher utility bills, and overall cost of living rise associated with the false claims of Global Warming.

If anyone thinks this country could get along with a permanent unemployment rate of 45%, everything costing three times as much as it does now, lower wages and virtually no industry, you’re out of your mind. We are barely able to keep the wolf from blowing the house down now as it is.

And the parting shot:

These individuals such as Al Gore and his band of investors have the devastation of the American way of life in mind and their own financial gains are top priority.

And therein lies the truth about all the lead activists who make bogus claims about Global Warming. It’s all about how much money they can make by defrauding the public.

You can access the complete article on-line here:

Al Gore Should Be Stripped Of Nobel Prize
Tony Elliot
Cypress Times
March 4, 2010


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  1. I agree, but largely for a different reason, as I discuss in one of my own articles:

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