Jim Trautz For Congress (Virginia – 10)

Well, I am certainly going to do my part to get the RINOs out of Congress. Here in Northern Virginia, we haven’t had much of a chance to do that with Frank Wolf (R-VA) because there haven’t been any true Conservatives to challenge him lately … until now.

Jim Trautz is a Conservative and I am wholly endorsing him for this November’s elections.

From Jim’s Platform:

Simply put, our representatives have the responsibility to be good stewards of OUR money. Of course, the Federal Government does have a need for a budget, and funds do need to be allocated, but only on those things that are necessary, legal & ethical, Constitutional, and are the will of the people. That said, I can find no constitutional basis for wealth redistribution, bailouts, TARP bills, stimulus packages, or anything of the sort, and I will aggressively oppose any such legislation as a member of Congress. I believe that no one person or group should benefit more than another.

Leaders lead people – and true leadership requires more than just “playing it safe.” I believe that true leaders do more than simply support a cause – true leaders will be at the tip of the spear for those causes that are near and dear to the hearts of their constituents. They’ll do so without reservation or regard for their own personal gain, not because it’s a “good political move,” but because it’s the right thing to do, because they believe their cause to be just, and because the people they represent look to them for leadership. Leaders lead people – not just when the cameras are on, not just when there’s a political advantage to be gained, and not just at election time, but whenever and wherever they’re called to do so.

All too often, our representatives forget the idea of accountability. They work for us, they’re elected by us, and they’re accountable to us. Bottom line, they answer to us. I believe that every person has the right to expect a clear and concise understanding of where their Representative stands on the issues of the day, and that he has a responsibility to report his position on those issues, regardless of party affiliation or political ideology.

Jim Trautz is also a 912 Candidate and believes the following:

  • America Is Good.
  • I believe in God and He is the Center of my Life.
  • I must always try to be a more honest person than I was yesterday.
  • The family is sacred. My spouse and I are the ultimate authority, not the government.
  • If you break the law you pay the penalty. Justice is blind and no one is above it.
  • I have a right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, but there is no guarantee of equal results.
  • I work hard for what I have and I will share it with who I want to. Government cannot force me to be charitable.
  • It is not un-American for me to disagree with authority or to share my personal opinion.
  • The government works for the people. The people do not answer to the government, the government answers to the people.

You can access more information about Jim Trautz on-line here:

Jim Trautz 2010

I hope the people of Virginia’s 10th District will join me in supporting a true Conservative candidate.

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