Conservative Values Win In New Jersey And Virginia Governors’ Races

What a difference one year makes! Just this time last year, the Dems won Virginia by 6 points. They then proceeded to proclaim the Commonwealth of Virginia a “Blue” state and went even further to proclaim that Conservatism was dead and the GOP would soon be extinct. But yesterday, they lost Virginia by 18 points. That is a 24 point swing. Almost one-quarter of the electorate.

In New Jersey, the Democrats won by 14 points in 2008 but lost by 5 points in 2009. That’s a 19 point swing. Almost one-fifth of the electorate.

Why were the Dems so wrong?

Because they misread the results of the 2008 election. That’s why.

The 2008 election was not about people demanding more government in their lives, nor about people demanding that government take over the auto and banking industries. And there was no call for government to bail out failing corporations. But the Dems assumed that there were such calls and now the people of Virginia and New Jersey are the first to voice their disapproval of the leftist agenda the Democrats in Washington are trying to force down America’s collective throat.

Although the Dems are saying that these two elections were not a referendum on Barack Obama (and their cronies at CNN et. al. are dutifully repeating that line) the opposite is true. Not one exit poll showed that voters were trying “send a message,” but the exit polls did show that voters were very much concerned about a deteriorating economy and the intrusiveness of big government into their lives. And who is pushing policies contributing to these two concerns? Barack Obama. Thus, no matter how loudly the Dems and their leftist media allies proclaim the opposite, we all know what these elections really represent.

I’m certain that despite what Barack Obama and the DNC are saying in public, behind closed doors they are very scared. They should be. They crossed over too many lines in too short a time and now, they are beginning to pay the price for it.

For the GOP, this should also be a major lesson. Just as Bobby Jindal proved in Louisiana, Bob McDonnell and Chris Christie have proven in their respective states that traditional Conservative values are winners and the GOP should be embracing candidates with such values rather than trying to prop up “centrists” who are really just liberal Dems with the letter “R” after their name.

For Conservatives in general, we have won a major victory, just like the Battle of Midway in 1942. But now is not the time to rest. Now is the time to redouble our efforts and keep moving forward. We can go on the offensive now and take back America from the leftist Marxist socialists who have worked for the past year to destroy that which made America great.

We have the momentum. Let’s keep it going. As Franklin Delano Roosevelt said back in the early days of World War II, we are “on our way.”


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  2. I kind of disagree, but I do see your point.

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