ABC’s “V” A Knock Against The Obama Administration?

I think so. Having watched the original mini-series from 1983 and the ill-fated TV series from 1984, I anxiously awaited the premier of the modern version. I liked it. It isn’t exactly a remake but is close enough to the original story that several items seemed familiar.

What really grabbed me were the parallels between the V storyline and the realities of the Obama administration. Here are some of the more overt items:

  • During the interview with “Anna,” the supreme commander of the V’s (Visitors), Anna made clear to journalist Chad Decker that there were to be no questions asked that would paint the V’s in a negative light. Compare this to Barack Obama who in real life stacked his own Town Hall meeting on Health Care with supporters who would only be allowed to ask him easy questions that he could respond to positively. Or compare this to the treatment that reporters get if they so much as dare to ask a hard question of Obama or his administration. Certainly, Obama’s efforts to cut Fox News out of the information loop is a direct parallel to Anna’s threat to cancel the interview if her instructions were not followed.
  • The “Peace Ambassador” program the V’s are offering to young people are analogous to Obama’s efforts at winning college and high school students to his cause. Sounds very much like recruiting kids to the Service Corps or ACORN. Maybe even like teachers getting elementary school children to chant “Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!”
  • During the interview, Anna says that the V’s want to provide health care to every single human on the planet. Chad responds by saying “Universal Health Care?” The implication there is extremely obvious.

The overall plot is that these aliens (reptiles disguised as humans) come to earth and claim a benevolent dispostion but are really hiding their true intentions. In other words, they have no intention of keeping their promises but are more interested in using humanity to their own ends. There is a parallel here too. During the 2008 campaign, Barack Obama made many promises that he has consistently failed to keep. For example, he promised an open and transparent government, even going so far as to promise that C-SPAN would be allowed full coverage of all aspects of the health care debate, and yet he and other Dems make deals and concoct plans behind closed doors away from the public eye.

I’m not ready to believe that Hollywood is swinging from flaming liberal to pragmatic Conservative. But I do believe that ABC may finally have its finger on the pulse of the American people.

I hope this series succeeds and that it helps to intensify a national debate about our current occupant of the Oval Office.

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  1. Within a few minutes of the show, I could see the parallels between the “Visitors” and the Obama administration. It’s easy for things to go right over my head because I take what I see/hear etc. at face value–I seldom dig deep–but these connections were blatant and often.

    I wonder how long Obama will allow this show to go on before he demands it be canceled?

  2. I watched a fairly sizable portion of the re-imagined V premiere that the ABC, American Broadcasting Company, has produced or is showing.
    My comment is I liked the original better. If offered hope that I do not see with the re-imagining.
    Is this who we are now as Americans with the V’s our imagination of us or some unseen segment of the population as deceiving conquerors with every good promise to get us to bow down and join in our own destruction?
    Since Kenneth Johnson is also highly involved in this production as well question. is this V what could not yet be done eariier?

    Many thanks for the time and sharing of the community.
    Perhaps V will only be entertainment this time too.

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  4. Whoever wrote this needs a new hobby. WTH? They show this show in other countries, in other languages…… will they relate to Obama and America? Yeah, there are some similarities, but America is so paranoid right now, especially old conservative people, they’ll find anything to demise Obama as president. Stop watching FOX news, BBC is better.

    Obama isn’t the messiah, nor did he claim to be. That was Republican Conservative religious idiots. Catholics voted for Obama, but the show, the Catholics are afraid of the “V”……

    Obama will do whatever he can for our country, but he’s not an alien, a clone, a woman, I doubt he can speak many languages….Shut up. Get a life.

    • Don’t tell me to shut up, you little idiot. I guess you are one of those Obamamaniacs who thinks anyone who doesn’t agree with your Great Leader, should be censored.

      It doesn’t matter if they show this show in other countries…the show is INTENDED for Americans. Apparently you are blind, deaf and dumb, are blinded by Obama’s magnificence or you haven’t watched the show.

      Have you forgotten the school children singing Obama’s praise to the tune of the song, “Jesus Loves the Little Children?” That was an Obama supporter–not a right wing person. It is the LEFTIST nuts who act as if Obama is the “chosen one”…the right just points out the stupidity of it.

      The new “V” shows a handsome, charismatic group of “people” who come in with “hope and change” and promise to end most of humankind’s problems. They promise Universal Health Care, Climate change, they blame the “old leadership” for the problems, encourage community associations so it is easier to control their population, use the arts for propaganda, attract and indoctrinate the youth, and begin to take away the rights of people, one by one. They also control the media and get rid of people who try to get others to see what is going on by ridiculing them, destroying their reputation and career by or killing them.

      The Catholics are afraid of “V” but only one stands up against them–

      No one is saying Obama is a lizard, but in my estimation he, along with most of our leaders are surely snakes.

      And you, you little freak deserve exactly what his administration ends up doing to your sorry little life.

      But I won’t tell you to “shut up”–please continue talking and showing just how ignorant you are.

  5. Jeanine g. What a rude little troll you are! This is typical of you right wing kooks who don’t get there own way. Obama was the best thing to happen to America for a long, long time. Thank God the American people had the good sense to throw that disgusting Bush administration out. Get over it, you lost. Maybe now the US may start to regain a bit of respect they lost from the rest of the world now that there is a man who cares for the people not the corporations.

    • Keep living in lala land Derek. At least when Bush was around, the terrorists knew America wasn’t going to take any shit from them. Now with Obama in the White House the world hates us and takes us even less seriously. Our enemies are emboldened by Obama. Our allies like Britain and Israel are stunned that Obama has given them the shaft on so many issues, and as such our relationship is strained. I’ve heard too Brits say that even Bush was better than Obama. Obama’s shamelessly gone neutral on the Falklands dispute, would not honor Britain’s sacrifice in Afghanistan, removed the the bust of Churchill from the Oval Office, even went as far to try to blame Britain for the Gulf Oil Spill.

      And please, whatever you do, don’t give me that crap that Bush’s “and Israel’s” policies are what causes terrorism. Look in places like the Philippines or Turkey where militant Islamists multiply like rats, commiting terrorism in the name of Islamisation regardless of what USA or Israel do. Any rational human being with a brain can intuit this reality without having to watch “Fox News”.

  6. To Idiot Derek:

    As if I cared what a pea brained person like you thinks. Thank God, the American people have figured out what a lying Chicago thug and socialist this man really is. He has had the fastest approval drop of any President in history–and the most terrorist attacks and attempts on American soil EVER have been committed under his watch. He has insulted the friends of America while cozying up to enemies and socialist dictators . He’s the first person to achieve a Noble Peace Prize for NOTHING. He is smug, has an obvious narcissistic problem (nothing is his fault–he blames everyone else for his mistakes), and you, smart Derek are STILL supporting him. What does that make you? STUPID.

  7. Yes – “V” parallels Shmuckbama – and Shmuckbama can KISS OUR ASSES!

  8. @Jeanine g.

    Regardless of your political views, I think everyone would appreciate it if you didn’t call everyone who disagrees with you an idiot five times per sentence.

    By automatically disregarding your fellow citizens as “pea-brained,” are throwing out all possibilities of a civil debate. When you automatically assume others are wrong in the first place, and don’t even bother to think twice about their opinion, you’ll never know if you’re right or wrong.

    Maybe you’re right, and maybe you’re wrong; but in either case, I’d expect such an intelligent person as yourself (as you claim) to have much better manners.

    And that is why Derek and Ann have negative pictures in their minds of conservatives. It’s because so many people in “the base” of the Republican party are parting from true conservative ideals into something more radical, something outright hostile. It is people like you who make Democratic victories possible. I just hope you know that.

    Do you know why “the liberal-elite media” (or whatever you think of it as) always seemed to portray McCain in such a negative light? It’s because they showed footage of his supporters at rallies. And people like you were doing saying the craziest, most rude things.

    And Ann is right.
    FOX = right-wing bias
    CNN = left-wing bias
    BBC is the best unbiased news source.

    Maybe you should all stop doing what the talking heads of your parties tell you to, and like Elizabeth from “V” says, start thinking for yourselves.

    • Oh wow, keep parroting the cliched tired out line about Fox News having right-wing bias. It so happens Fox News reports the same viewpoints and information you would find on CNN and MSNBC, however, PLUS the other side of the story. But I guess since the left-wing media set the stage when it comes to TV politics, reporting any side that CNN and MSNBC deliberately omit must automatically mean there’s a right-wing bias. I watched every single news station during the 2008 election, where CNN and MSNBC would SHAMELESSLY and self-admittedly support Barack Obama (while roasting the hell out of Sarah Palin), and all Fox News did was point out some facts about Obama and immediately they are bashed by knee-jerk hypocrites like you, even calling them racists.

      You know fuck all about true conservative values. I’m sure you’d rather the Republicans just keep edging towards the left until both Democrats and Republicans really are indistinguishable. Makes them so much easier to control and blame things on doesn’t it? Like the housing bubble (which caused the banking crisis) for example, which most economists will agree was all due to Bill Clinton’s drive to increase homeownership, forcing banks to loan to people they knew couldn’t pay back their loans. The Republican Congress at the time were moderate (stupid) enough to let that obviously liberal bill pass, so now we have these left-wing morons who actually have the audacity to blame Republicans for “deregulation” i.e. an obviously liberal bill that caused the destruction of the economy.

      By the way, BBC is state run, British tax-payer funded. It ALSO deliberately omits details. I would know seeing as I actually get my news from multiple channels. I am able to accurately compare sources, unlike you. The ‘Have Your Say’ section on the BBC website have British regulars that rant about its left-wing bias all the time, so quit talking out of your ass like you actually know something.

      You must think you’re some kind of voice of reason don’t you? Make no mistake, you’re nothing more than a wishy washy douche who thinks you are superior to those with firm beliefs and aren’t afraid to stick by them, something a weak-minded muppet like you wouldn’t know anything about.

      Furthermore, Jeanine’s use of the word idiot was quite appropriate. When someone is clearly and unequivocally being an idiot they will be labelled as such. They will not be coddled and taken seriously as if they actually presented an opinion of equal worth. Why don’t you compare and contrast what Jeanine wrote with what her detractors replied with? Jeanine provided clear sensible comparisons on V mania to Obama mania; she BACKED UP her statements. Whereas the IDIOTS who replied began insulting off the bat calling her a troll, telling her to shut and get a life, making bald, blind declarations with no explanation or backing whatsoever. But do you disapprove of that? Nooo, you’re actually asking Jeanine to consider the “opinions” of their replies as if she is obtuse enough not to know how invalid they were in every respect. If you were truly some kind of objective observer you’d have seen this, but obviously you too, are biased against Jeanine’s article to make any kind of reasonable judgment on this matter. You are just too much of a coward to admit that you yourself harbor left-wing sensibilities, which is blatantly obvious. At least Jeanine was nice enough to also provide logical support as to why they are idiots.

      You just keep feigning outrage at trivialities like the word “idiot.” I mean you actually parsed the word “idiot” out of an entire passage in an attempt to reduce all Jeanine’s comments and points, and even Tea Party beliefs to ad hominem. There’s a term for that. It’s called tunnel vision. And idiocy. You are an idiot.

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