Congress Voting To Defund ACORN

Man! When Glenn Beck and a team of two undercover journalists prove to be more effective than all of the big Media outlets combined, you know that the story had to be a big one!

Here are two more stories concerning ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) that isn’t getting much notice from NBC, ABC, CBS or CNN.

Senate Votes To Deny Funds To ACORN
Andrew Taylor
Associated Press via Breitbart
September 14, 2009

That motion, the Johanns Amendment to HR2355, passed 83-7 with the 7 “nay” votes all coming from Dems.

House GOP To Call For Total Cutoff Of Federal Funds To ACORN
Byron York
Washington Examiner
September 15, 2009

Two things to note here. One: Congress thinks that this is a big enough story to vote on removing funding to ACORN. Two: It is the GOP calling for a House vote to defund ACORN, not the Dems.

(BTW, I’ll bet that the incompetent Charlie Gibson didn’t know about these stories either!)

Whatever happened to Nancy Pelosi’s promise to get rid of the Culture of Corruption in Washington? From what I saw in those videos, ACORN is certainly a good place to begin the cleaning process!

But defunding a vile and corrupt organization isn’t enough. There needs to be a thorough investigation of ACORN and any other organization that worked with ACORN so that we can see exactly how far the corruption extends.


3 Responses

  1. I hope voters are reading this and vote the rhinos out that
    refused to vote. The only one excused is Sen. Byrd WV that
    is out sick. The others that could have voted should have to
    pay the price in their states. Do you hear this Mr. Steel ?

    Those that did vote ” yea ” are hero’s in my opinion and I have more respect for those that voted ” nay ” than I do for those that did not vote. They are all about themselves first and their country will be last.

    People like myself are sick of them because their actions or non-action effect all people.

  2. Macgedos: Don’t feel so bad about Steel…Casey (PA) voted nay! WTF!!!

  3. That was all smoke and mirrors by a ciminal class Congress. Acorn will be bock on top and back in the money come Oct. 321 unless Obama acts. See : # >>Rep. Michele Bachmann Standing Up for Honesty in Government; standing up for You and Me.
    # >>ACORN back in the money on Halloween. on my site:

    or go directly to and listen to her latest video as she explains what is really happening. BB

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