Glenn Beck: 2, Obama Administration: 0

First, the big news: the United States Census Bureau has severed all ties with the voter-fraud group ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) in the wake of revelations that ACORN was actively trying to help a “pimp” and “prostitute” import underage girls in order to start a brothel in Baltimore. The “pimp” and “prostitute” were actually undercover journalists James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles who secretly videotaped the encounters at ACORN offices in Baltimore and Washington D.C.

Apparently, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. ACORN has long been known to be engaged in many suspicious and shady deals and activities. Voter fraud has resulted in many arrests and convictions of ACORN personnel. An embezzlement scheme was uncovered right here in D.C. and now that ACORN has shown its willingness to engage in underage prostitution, the Census Bureau has cried, “Enough!” This is significant since as late as last year the Census Bureau had been defending ACORN.

From the Associated Press:

The Census Bureau on Friday severed its ties with ACORN, a community organization that has been hit with Republican accusations of voter-registration fraud.

“We do not come to this decision lightly,” Census director Robert Groves wrote in a letter to ACORN, which was obtained by The Associated Press.

In splitting with ACORN, Groves sought to tamp down GOP concerns and negative publicity that the partnership will taint the 2010 head count.

“It is clear that ACORN’s affiliation with the 2010 census promotion has caused sufficient concern in the general public, has indeed become a distraction from our mission, and may even become a discouragement to public cooperation, negatively impacting 2010 census efforts,” Groves wrote.

Up to now, the Census Bureau had defended ACORN’s involvement, explaining it was one of 80,000 unpaid volunteer groups that the bureau hoped would be able to raise local awareness. But in his letter, Groves said it no longer had confidence that ACORN was effectively managing its partnership.

So, how does this relate to Glenn Beck? Easy. Glenn was the only television jounalist to cover the Van Jones scandal and to give coverage to the ACORN underage prostitution scandal. Jones eventually resigned his post as the “green jobs” czar and now the Census Bureau has been forced to cut ties with ACORN.

There was absolutely no coverage of these events on ABC, NBC, or CBS. CNN gave the ACORN scandal token coverage but tried to spin it as right-wing whackos attempting a hit job.

What this means is that Glenn Beck by himself has proven to be a more effective voice than all of the other news networks combined.

If I were one of the big three networks or CNN, I’d be embarassed.

You can access the complete story on-line here:

Census Bureau Severs Ties With ACORN In 2010 Count
Hope Yen
Associated Press via Breitbart
September 11, 2009


9 Responses

  1. Fox News reported this morning that ACORN had received more than $10 million in government funding, including $1.6 million this year. That leaves $8.4 million+ that was funded prior to this year. Proof that the Bush Administration was in bed with ACORN. Right?

    • Center Square,

      I don’t care who they were in bed with. The fact is they are a corrupt organization and should be investigated thoroughly from the top down. If that means that some people from the Bush administration go down too, then so be it.

  2. Or cleaned up. The concept of ACORN is worthy. It just seems that they have drifted into an abyss of incompetence and shadiness. I wonder if maybe the best of both worlds could come from clearing out the board of directors and executive staff, and kind of starting over. But I don’t profess to really know that much about ACORN. I just dislike the disingenuity of using ACORN’s shortcomings as a basis for criticism of Obama.

    • Center Square,

      It was Obama himself who said he was going to call on ACORN to help push his agenda and that he would offer them a place at the table when he was shaping his administration’s policies.

      Then, Obama himself said that we should judge him by the company he keeps.

      I am agreeing with Obama on that second point.

  3. […] A 3rd ACORN Office Offering Advice On Prostitution RingVIDEO: ACORN Aids And Abets Child Sex TradeGlenn Beck: 2, Obama Administration: 0That's One Small Step For Man […]

  4. @ 84rules: That would change my mind on this issue, if true. Do you have a cite or quote where Obama offered them a place at the table? Thanks.

  5. @ 84rules: Okay, here are the problems.

    First of all, this clip is NOT from or about ACORN. The event was the “Heartland Democratic Presidential Forum,” hosted in December 2007 by a group called Center for Community Change. The speaker at the beginning of the clip is Deepak Bhargava, the Executive Director of that group. CCC does have an uber-liberal agenda, but I have never heard of, nor could I find in preparing this post, even one mention of scandal or impropriety.

    Secondly, candidate Obama did not address himself to ACORN, or even to CCC, but rather to “community organizations” in general. The audience was representatives of numerous independent community organizations who were attending CCC’s forum. That is who he was addressing, not ACORN.

    Shame on Fox News — and typical of Fox News, frankly — for posting this clip on their site under the heading of “Obama says ACORN will shape his agenda.” To quote Rep. Wilson, “You lie!!!”

    FYI. here is CCC’s website [], and here is the wiki entry for them [].

    And here is a transcription of Obama’s comments at this appearance:

    “We’re going to be calling all of you in to help us shape the agenda. We’re going to be having meetings all across the country with community organizations, so that you have input into the agenda of the next presidency of the United States of America.”

  6. I actually enjoy this blog.

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