VIDEO: ACORN Aids And Abets Child Sex Trade

Barack Obama once touted ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) as the organization that he was going to “tap” after his inauguration to help him shape his administration’s policy. After watching the following videos showing ACORN employees advising a “pimp” and a “prostitute” on how to bring underage girls in from Central America so they can work in the sex trade, he might want to think twice about it.

They knew the ages of the girls but said to stop talking about it? List them as dependents? Hide the fact that they will be in the United States illegally?

We’ve known since the 2004 election that ACORN is rife with fraud and that the Democrats are in bed with them (no pun intended). They engage in voter fraud and Obama invites them to shape national policy. They engage in embezzlement schemes and Obama invites them to help with the national census next year. Now that ACORN is shown to be engaged in child prostitution rings, what will Obama offer them next? Control of America’s public schools?

There is absolutely no way anyone can defend the actions of ACORN here. ACORN’s national headquarters is claiming a smear campaign, but this was the work of two very brave, very resourceful undercover journalists. The ACORN employees believed that they were talking to a pimp and prostitute who were looking to set up a brothel in Baltimore. There was no smear campaign and the funding for this little sting was provided entirely by the two journalists who went undercover to expose the truth.

But here is what is really shameful. As of this writing, a search of news items for this story only yields four results: Fox News, the Examiner, Rush Limbaugh and WBAL radio.

Where the hell is the New York Times? Where the hell is the Washington Post? Where the hell is CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS? Is a story about ACORN aiding and abetting in child prositution just not worth their time? Or is it that Barack Obama has ties to ACORN and these so-called news outlets are trying to quell the story in order to protect him? Maybe the story about Joe Wilson seems more important than the fact that ACORN is trying to help import underage sex workers?

And why is the Federal Government giving these perverts our hard-earned tax dollars? should have had thousands of search results with this story! There were more search results when an army of journalists descended on Wasilla, Alaska trying to dig up dirt on Sarah Palin!

This is why we have an Internet and a blogosphere, folks. So that when the idiot libs of Old Media try to quash a story like this, bloggers like me and others will work to get the information out to you.

UPDATE: Below is what Hannah Giles (the “prostitute”) wrote about her part in exposing ACORN in this:

The Baltimore adventure with ACORN started off as a silly idea, both absurd and incredible by all accounts. But it stuck, and quickly escalated into a full blown operation with scripts, method acting, undercover gear, scandalous outfits, fast minds, good hearts, plenty of humor and healthy homemade blueberry muffins.

When I pitched the “prostitute goes into ACORN seeking housing” idea to James O’Keefe at the beginning of the summer, I had absolutely no idea how he would respond. He came back with, “Would you be willing to portray the prostitute? And if so, when can you do this?”

Needless to say, the project had officially begun.

An idea conceived on an afternoon jog would soon birth material evidence.

Most people come up with ridiculous ideas, things that graze against societal norms. However, not all are capable of action because not all are comfortable with action. Many lack the desire for truth and justice, most don’t even know to want it. But on occasion, the previous join forces. The right people with the appropriate calling unite against a common enemy, then the sky is the limit and hell is the target. There will be no compromises, only adaptation and infiltration.
The socially unacceptable became our mode of visual operation. When visuals match content, the system will fall.

The staff we dealt with in Baltimore had no problem offering their time to James and me, not because we were two white kids undercover looking for a big story, but because of the mess we claimed to be in and wished to create.

We connected with these people on a level they were comfortable with. We came off as troubled, torn, innovative and devoted individuals who couldn’t skirt the system unless the system helped us along our journey.

Our presence screamed, as James puts it, “unique situation.” And so when we sought council in regards to tax evasion, obtaining a house for use as an underage brothel, the avoidance of an abusive pimp, and establishing illegitimate congressional campaign funds, they were ready and unfazed by the direction our conversation took.

James and I saw the ACORN Housing location in Baltimore as a target–the den of a giant corrupt lion. We wanted to get a reaction and gauge the corruption. We came armed with the things necessary to cause a reaction; we came equipped with the things necessary to capture the reaction. We expected to be successful. We weren’t overly confident but we had tested methods at our disposal and were able to calculate the lines along which the staffers would react. We didn’t go in expecting major results; we also didn’t limit what could happen seated behind closed doors. We went in knowing that if we were meant to succeed, we would. It is not as if we went in carefree and lah-dee-dah. But we were confident in our mission.

Hannah Giles
September 10, 2009


12 Responses

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  2. Glenn Beck admitted ON AIR that none of the stories could be corroborated. Since Beck admitted he isn’t a reporter on the View, he admits that he spreads RWW propaganda. Even dimbulb Elizabeth Hassleback called him a hack.

    • No matter what the left-leaning women on the View say, it does not change the content of the ACORN videos nor does it change the fact that the ACORN staffers believed they were helping a prostitute and pimp commit tax-fraud, engage in underage human trafficking and child prostitution.

      • And you know that the people in the video were being serious and not just BSing ? LOL!

      • The Senate knows it just as well as I do. That is why they voted unanimously to defund ACORN. (BTW, the Dems control the Senate, you know.)

  3. […] After watching the following videos showing ACORN employees advising a “pimp” and a “ prostitute ” on how to bring underage girls in from Central America so they can work in the sex trade, he might want to think twice about it. …Continue […]

  4. Here are relevant questions that you should know the answers to:

    Is there any evidence whatsoever that Acorn’s high level officials or officers endorsed these actions as OFFICIAL POLICY??

    How many Acorn officers did the investigators have to visit before they found these transgressions??

    In other words were there any Acorn offices where the undercover journalists went and did not uncover anything improper.

    Just suppose they went to 20 offices or 100 before they found the type of evidence on the videos.

    You are crucifying a whole organization due to the highly improper acts of some low level employees.


    RE:”They engage in voter fraud and Obama invites them to shape national policy.

    I’ll bet you that you can’t DOCUMENT a single case of actual fraudulent votes cast as a result of Acorn’s voter registration actions.

    So when you say Acorn engages in voter fraud, EXACTLY what do you mean.

    Tha’s enough for now since it will take you a very long time to substantiate some of these derogatory claims.


    • Robert,

      If you actually did some research or a simple Google search, you would find numerous stories about ACORN employees being indicted for voter fraud. It is rampant throughout the organization.

      And, it doesn’t matter how many offices they went to. If they found this behavior in one office then it is one too many. (Yes, I can throw that blanket judgement on there just as easily as libs throw blanket judgements on Conservatives like me.)

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