Man Collapses With Ruptured Appendix … Three Weeks After (British) NHS Doctors ‘Took It Out’

The hits just keep on coming from Great Britain’s National Health System (NHS). In this case, a man went in for an apendectomy, and a month later, after his appendix had supposedly been removed, his appendix ruptured, endangering his life and leaving him in intense pain.

From Daniel Bates at the UK Daily Mail:

After weeks of excruciating pain, Mark Wattson was understandably relieved to have his appendix taken out.

Doctors told him the operation was a success and he was sent home.

But only a month later the 35-year-old collapsed in agony and had to be taken back to Great Western Hospital in Swindon by ambulance.

To his shock, surgeons from the same team told him that not only was his appendix still inside him, but it had ruptured – a potentially fatal complication.

In a second operation it was finally removed, leaving Mr Wattson fearing another organ might have been taken out during the first procedure.

Wow! Such efficiency in socialized medicine, isn’t there? But, all sarcasm aside, this is yet another in a long line of oversights (many of which resulted in the death of the patient) inflicted by the NHS on the people of Great Britain.


The blunder has left Mr Wattson jobless, as bosses at the shop where he worked did not believe his story and sacked him.

Following the second operation his incision became infected and he was admitted to hospital for a third time for treatment.

He said: ‘I had a temporary job at a sports shop but when I took in two medical certificates saying I had my appendix out twice they didn’t believe me.

‘Now I’m helpless. I can’t go out and find a job, I can’t go to interviews, I can barely walk and am in constant pain. Before the first operation they told me I had to have my appendix removed and when I woke up afterwards they said it had been a complete success.

So, not only did the NHS doctors have to go in a second time, but the second incision got infected too?

If this had happened in the United States, Mr. Wattson would be on the verge of becoming very rich due to the lawsuits that would be filed against the doctors and hospital.

So, what did the NHS overseers have to say about the whole, sorry affair?

Paul Gearing, deputy general manager for general surgery at Great Western Hospital NHS Trust, said: ‘We are unable to comment on individual cases.

‘However, we would like to apologise if Mr Wattson felt dissatisfied with the care he received at Great Western Hospital.’

No, I don’t think it was “dissatisfaction” Mr. Wattson was feeling. It was intense pain because the NHS medical system that was supposed to take care of him failed miserably, just like a typical socilized medical system.

You can access the original article on-line here:

Man Collapses With Ruptured Appendix … Three Weeks After NHS Doctors ‘Took It Out’
Daniel Bates
UK Daily Mail
August 26, 2009


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  1. oh dear, i better check that they really took my appendix out .. wait.. i think they may have showed me. what do i know, that was when i discovered morphine as the hospital drug of choice

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