What Is A Radical? What Is Not A Radical?

Apprently, the newsreaders at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Washington Post and New York Times have the following views on what is radical and what isn’t:

People demanding that their Congressional delegations actually read a bill before voting on it is radical. Having dinner with someone who planted bombs at the Pentagon and Police Stations a la Bill Ayers is not.

Asking how a government that can’t run Medicaid, Medicare and Cash for Clunkers could possibly run the Health Care industry is radical. Yelling “God damn, America!” to a congregation that for 20 years included future President Barack Obama is not.

Clearly, the newsreaders of Old Media do not see the same reality that Joe and Jane Average American see. If anyone who represents any of the Old Media news outlets listed above wishes to disagree with me, feel free to respond to this blog post. I would love to hear from you.

Be sure to check out this video of Michelle Malkin predicting a backlash against Obama for his name-calling. Referring to mainstream Americans as “angry mobs” and other ridiculous names does not befit a man who pledged to “unite” America. Name-calling is a divisive tactic.

The video:

Michelle Malkin Says Obama Will Face “Huge Backlash” For Attacks On Citizens Against ObamaCare – Video 8/5/09
Freedom’s Lighthouse
August 6, 2009


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