Pelosi Throws More Insults At The American People

I’d like to see the videos that Nancy Pelosi was watching of Joe and Jane Average American standing up and asking legitimate questions about HR3200, the socialized medicine bill. Her claim is that those people were “carrying swastikas.” I’ve looked at the pictures and seen the videos but never once saw a single piece of Nazi symbology. Her claim is bogus and only meant to stir up the emotions of those who are gullible and naive enough to believe her.

You can view a video of her irrational, idiotic rant here:

Pelosi: Town Hall Protesters Are “Carrying Swastikas”
Real Clear Politics
August 5, 2009

This is yet another example to show exactly how disrespectful Pelosi, Reid, Obama and the Democrats in general are of the American people. There were no swastikas or anything like that at any of the town hall meetings where average Americans voiced legitimate concerns to their Congressional delegations. But, Pelosi felt she had the right to make up such a lie and the leftists in Old Media felt the need to spread what they must have certainly known was a lie.

The bigger the insults get and the larger the lies become, you can be sure it is because the Dems are getting more and more desperate to pass a bill the contents of which they would have preferred to keep secret.

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