Democrats’ Break Looking Like A Bad Trip

I can think of so many venues when Conservative speakers went onto liberal college campuses and then were shouted down by radical students. No one in the media or the Democrat party even batted a single eye-lash when that happened.

But, now that it is happening to various members of Congress, mostly Democrats, they are calling the action “shameful” or labeling thier constituents as a “mob, sent by the local Republican and Libertarian parties” that “came not just to be heard but to deny others the right to be heard.”

Just yet another case of Dem hypocrisy, eh?

Alex Isenstadt and Abby Phillip of the Politico have this:

Angry protesters shouted down Democrats at public events from Texas to Pennsylvania over the weekend, leaving the party only one real hope for getting its message out over recess: a backlash.

In Austin, Texas, Rep. Lloyd Doggett was drowned out by a group of noisy, sign-waving demonstrators who shouted, “Just say no” as he tried to talk about health care reform.

In Morrisville, Pa., Rep. Patrick Murphy was forced to scrap plans for a one-on-one meet-the-congressman session when people in the crowd started shouting. Murphy switched to a town hall format mid-event and even then had to ask the audience at times to “be respectful.”

And at a health care event in Philadelphia, Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius were repeatedly interrupted by booing and heckling. “We can shout at one another, or we can leave the stage,” Sebelius said at one point. “It’s up to you.”

For months, the American people have been telling their Congressional representatives that we do not want socialized medicine. Congress refused to listen. Now, the people are taking their message directly to the various members of Congress.

But, never ones to learn from any mistakes, the Dems are pushing back in the worst way they possibly can: They are trying to label average Americans as being radical or fringe extremists:

“The last place Republicans ought to be moving their party is even more to the fringe of the political spectrum,” said Eric Schultz, a spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Added a senior Democratic strategist: “It may be out of necessity, but for Republicans, relying on the fringe elements of the party to be the face of opposition on health care is a dangerous game. The birthers and the tea party folks aren’t controllable, come off as angry and out of control and couldn’t care less about the issue at hand.”

Alienating mainstream voters is not the way to get them to vote for you in 2010, especially when you consider the fact that a good portion of the people protesting this socialized medicine bill are Democrats. This is not an issue about party affiliation, it is about saving America’s health care system from the fate suffered by Great Britain and Canada’s health care systems.

The people who participated in those Tax Day Tea Parties are regular folks who want an out-of-control government to bring itself back under control. That is not a fringe idea. It is a common sense idea and the Dems and other members of Congress ignore it at their own peril.

Even Arlen Specter is starting to see the light:

Specter, who was booed in Philadelphia over the weekend, told The Associated Press that it’s “highly likely” other senators will soon meet the same fate.

You can access the complete article on-line here:

Democrats’ Break Looking Like A Bad Trip
Alex Isenstadt and Abby Phillip
The Politico
August 4, 2009

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