July Of Records, Cold Records, That Is

Once again, hat tip to Watts Up With That? for this one.

If you’ve been listening to Old Media weather reports then you’ve at least heard mention of Seattle and the record heat there. You’ve probably also heard nothing but silence about the many places that are experiencing record low temperatures for the month of July:

Coldest July Ever For Grand Rapids, Michigan
Grand Rapids Weather Examiner
August 1, 2009

Coldest July On Record For Huntington, West Virginia
August 1, 2009

Coolest July Ever For Fort Wayne, Indiana
Indiana’s NewsCenter
August 1, 2009

July Was Coldest On Record For International Falls, Minnesota
FOX 21 News
August 1, 2009

That Was The Coldest July In Dubuque, Iowa Ever
Dubuque Telegraph Herald
August 1, 2009

This is an example of how the AGW alarmist crowd cherry picks its information and data, rather than stepping back and looking at the entire picture. All they want you to know about is Seattle, but real scientists want everyone to see all of the data.

You can access the complete blog-entry on-line here:

Roundup Of Some Interesting July Weather Records
Watts Up With That?
August 2, 2009


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