House Panel Passes Socialized Health Care Bill In Friday Night Vote

Why did the vote have to happen after hours on a Friday night? What were the members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee afraid that people might see?

From Fox News:

The House Energy and Commerce Committee, which voted Friday, was the last of three panels to approve a health bill. The vote, 31-28, was made possible by a deal brokered earlier this week between Democratic leaders and conservative “Blue Dog” Democrats, though health reform legislation still is being held up in one Senate committee.

The Blue Dogs wanted to dial back a “public option” where the government offers health care for Americans. They also sought protections for small business owners and significant cost reductions.

Watered down or not, this bill is going to be nothing short of a disaster. Just look at Medicare and Medicaid. The costs (and budgets) for both of these programs have been going up, but the benefits doled out by each have been consistently cut over the years. And now, the libs want to further expand this?


All but five Democrats on the committee voted for the plan. The other Democrats, Reps. Charlie Melancon of Louisiana, Bart Stupak of Michigan, Rick Boucher of Virginia, Jim Matheson of Utah and John Barrow of Georgia joined all Republicans in opposing the legislation.

When socialized medicine wrecks the health care industry in the United States, just as it wrecked the health care industries of Great Britain, Canada and every other country it has been tried in, we will know exactly who is to blame.

We need to begin educating people on exactly what is in this bill.

You can access the complete article on-line here:

Final House Panel Approves Health Reform Bill
Chad Pergram
Fox News
July 31, 2009


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