Birther Conspiracy: A Leftist False Flag?

It amazes me how libs will put something out in the press or on the Internet and then expect everyone to be stupid enough to believe it without question.

Take for example leftist blogger Mike Stark. He put together a video that seemed to show eleven Republican members of Congress as being Birthers, that is people who don’t believe that Obama is a natural born citizen.

But, Jillian Bandes exposes Stark for being the pathetic liar that he is:

A closer look at the video reveals that much of the seemingly incriminating footage is the result of selective video editing, falsification of identities, and outright mischaracterization.

For example, Rep. Dave Reichert (R-Was.) was put in the video for 25 seconds, giving an unclear answer to the question posed by Stark as to whether or not Obama is a citizen.

“If we’re in America and we are free, and we allow people to say – I mean, people stand on the sidewalk, and this gentleman gets to show” – Reichert gestured towards a protester on the sidewalk where the filming was taking place – “gets to stand for what he believes in in the way he decides to, because we’re in America.”

However, Stark’s unedited interview with Reichert lasted almost 5 minutes, during which he gave a definitive answer as to whether or not he believes Obama is a citizen: “I believe he is, because I haven’t seen any proof that says that he’s not.”

Well, that’s what leftists like Stark do. They lie and they cheat all in the name of advancing some idiotic political agenda.

It is amazing that anyone would consider Mike Stark or any of his ilk to be the least bit trustworthy in what they report on. The libs don’t seem to understand that Freedom of the Press is not a license to libel.

You can access the complete article on-line here:

Liberal Bloggers Perpetuate Birther Conspiracy
Jillian Bandes
July 30, 2009


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