Kennedy Health Care Chart

Does anyone here really think that government run health care will be more efficient and help more people than private health care? The horror stories coming out of Canada and Great Britain are ample evidence that socialized medicine is a disaster.

But here, we can see one of the reasons why. Click on the following chart (requires Adobe reader):

Given all the new bureaucrats who will now be involved in your health care decisions, how long do you think it will take before certain treatments are approved? Do you think that if you or someone in your family needs urgent care that you will get it in a timely manner? That has not been the experience of people in Canada and Great Britain. And it won’t be the experience of people here if we move towards this disastrous health care system.

Go to the following website and get the facts about patients’ rights:

Conservatives For Patients’ Rights


2 Responses

  1. I had to take this to my site to make sure my readers saw this too. thank you. I gave you full credit.

    The reason I copy and paste things in its entirety to my site from other bloggers is because I have been told by many people they seldom click on referred sites. This is sad but if that is the way they feel then I make sure they see it anyhow.
    Sincerely and with thanks, BB

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