Blue States (Dems) To Pay Less In Carbon Tax Than Red States (Republican)

Now the truth comes out about why Obama and the Dems are so hot to pass this idiotic cap-and-trade carbon tax proposal. It has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with political payoffs.

From Leland Conway of the Conservative Edge:

The Waxman/Markey Cap and Trade bill makes states like Kentucky, that produce energy through their rich coal resources, into the indentured servants of states like California and New York, who import that energy for their use.

Here’s how it works. The bill, as it is currently structured, would impose massive fines on states that produce and export so called “dirty energy”. There would be a huge additional cost to the consumers in those states in order to carry this burden. Most conservative estimates put the additional cost to the average consumer in the Commonwealth at around $1700 per household per year.

Meanwhile, states like California and New York actually pollute much more heavily than Kentucky does. They have a higher population, many more industries and many more cars on the highway. They import their energy however, so they will not be subject to the same fine structure that Kentucky and other coal producing states will be.

In effect, that means we’ll be paying for the lifestyle and energy consumption of states that pollute much worse than we do.

If this were truly about the environment, states like California and New York would be more than willing to step up to the plate and pay their fair share, or even more than their fair share if their belief was honestly sincere.

But, they aren’t doing so and are more than happy to have states like Kentucky and other Red states carry the burden.

Does anyone stand to gain from this massive energy tax that is being imposed on us? Yes. Read on:

As if this weren’t enough, many on the left side of the political isle stand to make a massive profit off of the lie of manmade global warming. Al Gore’s carbon trade hedge fund investments alone stand to net him somewhere around one billion dollars. Not bad for the prophet of an inconvenient truth who lives in a mansion that uses 21 times the energy of the average American.

Many other lobbyists and elected officials in Washington stand to score a major windfall off of this policy as well. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is betting a large portion of her already massive fortune on the passage of this bill. The list of Washington insiders who are heavily invested in companies that stand to make big cash from government subsidies under the cap and trade scheme is endless and continues to grow.

Again, if they believed that this were truly about the environment, they would give up the money and their lavish lifestyles and live like they are demanding Joe and Jane Average American live.

You can access the complete column on-line here:

No Kentuckian Should Support Cap And Trade
Leland Conway
Conservative Edge
June 14, 2009


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