Obama Administration To Attempt Another Socialist Power Grab

You know, I have a question for all the hard-core Democrats that keep stamping their feet and insisting that Obama is not a socialist: Why does Obama insist on proposing socialist policies which enhance his power over the free market? I have yet to see any Democrat answer that question.

Here is Obama’s latest attempt at a socialist power grab according to the Los Angeles Times:

The Obama administration this week will propose the most significant new regulation of the financial industry since the Great Depression, including a new watchdog agency to look out for consumers’ interests.

Under the plan, expected to be released Wednesday, the government would have new powers to seize key companies — such as insurance giant American International Group Inc. — whose failure jeopardizes the financial system. Currently, the government’s authority to seize companies is mostly limited to banks.

The government shouldn’t have the power to seize anything and this latest attempt by Obama to grab more power for himself over the means of production should serve as the final straw for any true freedom loving American.

But it isn’t just Obama. Other Democrats wanted this measure earlier and with more power:

“This is too little, too late,” said Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Sherman Oaks), based on his understanding of the plan. “It’s going to be way less than it should be.”

We have to wake up! From my history lessons, I remember two prominent socialist movements who seized the means of production in their respective countries and they both ended in disaster, one in utter defeat in 1945 and the other finally fell under its own weight in 1991.

You can access the complete article on-line here:

Obama To Propose Strict New Regulation Of Financial Industry
Jim Puzzanghera
Los Angeles Times
June 16, 2009

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