An Example Of An Obama Crony: Brian Deese, Butcher Of General Motors

How did Brian Deese become such an influential voice in the Obama administration and how did he get put in charge of dismantling General Motors?

Let’s look at his resume. According to Glenn Beck at Fox News:

Deese grew up in a Boston suburb, the son of a political science professor at Boston College. He moved to Vermont and attended Middlebury College, where he studied political science and also took time to host a campus radio show called “Bedknobs and Beatniks,” described in one write-up as “a format of music, news, discussion and banter.”

He graduated college in 2000 and then it was onto a pair of non-profit think tanks: the Center for Global Development and the Center for American Progress.

Eventually Deese went to Yale for a law degree, but a few credits short of graduating, he went “on leave” to work on Senator Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, quickly becoming her top economic policy staffer.

Did you see anything in there that would even remotely qualify this guy to work in the auto industry? Neither did I. So, how did he get to where he is?

Read on:

Last summer, Deese moved to the Obama campaign as a deputy economic policy director and, just before this current gig, he served on Obama’s transition team as an economic adviser.

There it is. That’s it. No other reason. This is an example of pure cronyism on the part of a president who promised that such things would not happen in his administration.

Also, you should note that this same president promised to fix the auto industry in Detroit. But since he took the reigns, the auto industry has been going bankrupt faster and faster. That’s why GM is being sold off by pieces and a deal to merge Chrysler with Fiat is being pushed through.

If I were the CEO of Fiat, I would be very concerned at how much influence an inept and bumbling Obama administration wields with Chrysler. So much so that I would call off the deal unless I could get a guarantee in writing that the U.S. government would stay out of my business.

You can access the complete column on-line here:

Meet Brian Deese
Glenn Beck
Fox News
June 2, 2009


2 Responses

  1. This is asinine. The so-called “resume” of Brian Deese that your blog purports to analyze is actually Glenn Beck’s flippant run-down of a PR profile probably provided by a tired Clinton staffer before Deese moved over to the Obama camp. And Beck, for his part, didn’t even do his own research on Deese; rather, he borrowed from a NYTimes puff piece that, among other things, quoted a 2001 article from Middlebury College’s campus paper. Deese certainly isn’t swimming in experience, but as a “news” resource, Fox News ought to do a little reporting before launching commentary on other people’s articles.

    The flaws in this conversation go beyond the misrepresentation of Deese’s career, however (the “he has never held a job” comments I see floating around the blogosphere fall a little flat when you learn a little more about his work with the Center for American Progress and the Carnegie Endowment). I don’t imagine that I you will take my word–or anyone else’s–on his incredible capacity to quickly and effectively synthesize and apply information, on his almost freakish work ethic, or on his ability to articulate potential solutions to complex problems. I don’t expect you to trust me that he is, in fact, very smart (nor, from this blog, do you care).

    There is a much more basic logical flaw in attacking the new young talent in the Obama administration that undercuts Fox News’s shallow criticism. No disrespect to Lee Iacocca (who was, at one point, a visionary), but we’re talking about an industry that has persistently failed to innovate over the last three decades, and this failure rests largely with the industry’s experienced leaders. There are plenty of executives with experience working with payrolls who know an incredible amount about the American auto industry, but aren’t these the same people who failed to make the automobile business solvent in the first place (and if you want to pin it all on the unions, you are kidding yourself)?

    I’m not saying you have to love Brian Deese. But 1) if you’re going to criticize him, do some research first, and 2) beware of conflating inexperience with inability. It’d be an awful shame to see an America unwilling to listen to its own best ideas.

    • Josh,

      Nice rant, but you failed to point out any part of the analysis that was factually in error. If you can detail exactly where the errors are in the reporting of Deese’s job experience, please respond and let us know. For example, if Deese did actually have any experience in the private sector, please provide us with the information and source that shows such experience.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

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