The Prediction Of Norman Mattoon Thomas Is Coming True

Just read the following:


Today, even the most socialist Dems will still deny that their policies and the policies of Barack Obama are socialist.

Thomas was right. We Americans will never “knowingly” adopt socialism.

Are you ready to wake up yet?


23 Responses

  1. Socialism is another word for: I need and want; you pay and pray.

  2. Why are we still allowing people supporting the Democrats and their policies to call themselves, “liberals?”

    They and their big government solution to every change is anything but liberal.

    In order to stop or even slow the progression of this movement we need to call it what it is. Statism and Socialism. That way the, “soundbite voters” who now make up 50% of the voting public, might at least have to think about what it is they are really supporting.

    It makes me ill when people say they are surprised by Obama. Yes the mainstream media neglected to do its job and vet the candidate–but the information was available. Most of today’s voting public doesn’t take the time to learn about the candidates and issues–thus we are faced with the greatest assault on our Constitution and Individual Rights that we have ever faced in our nation’s history.

  3. It makes me sick to my stomach to see the greatest country on earth openly embrace socialism. I think the real shame was that McCane was flirting with similar ideas purhaps not as drastic but there where no clear diffrences between the two that was reiterated during there debates they spent more time agreeing than drawing lines in the sand. We need a clear cut conservative to lead us out of the darkest hour this country has ever seen if its not to late I fear once we start down the socialist path we may never claw our out of the pitfall laiden slope.

  4. Socialism is one of America’s #1 bogeymen. Just slightly behind: “You talkin’ about my mutha”, the word socialism is an easy way into a fist fight. Beside the myth of class mobility in this country we totally miss the fact that the working classes here are the ones most closely enjoying capitalism- those of us who most frequently feel the burden of serving the whims of a self-centered wealthy elite. The wealthy, indeed, are living in a largely socialist system of perks, a welfare system that dwarfs that of the poverty level folk and pay such a small percentage of their incomes that “necessities” are basically FREE. In this self-avowed Christian society how can we assess the comparison of a predatory “free-market” system vs the fairness of periodic redistribution of wealth. Would Jesus have been more likely a capitalist or socialist? We all know the answer to that so where is this scare tactic coming from? Historically we are one of the very first societies EVER to ignore the fact debt always accrues faster than economic growth. Traditionally, societies, back as far as the Sumerians, would simply forgive debt at the end of a reign in one way or another. Our financial crisis of today is a direct derivative of that unregulated greed playing itself out. I am not a socialist ideologue but some of the better things that this country has to offer assume public services paid by taxes- education, transportation infrastructure, sewage and garbage services, help for the weak, elderly and sick, and encouragement for people to live richer and more stimulating lives and, indeed, regulatory oversight to limit the effects of blind greed- the very things that are plaguing us the most right now. We have been living in a balanced socialist/capitalist society for our entire national history and it hasn’t been so bad, has it.

    • Mark Welles – you are genius – well said.

    • Markwelles,

      Jesus was a free enterpriser. If you look at the parable of the talents, or the story of the rich young ruler, it is obvious we are rewarded based on our performance. We may not be saved based on it, but our rewards require it.
      It is appalling that you would suggest, that the greed of people who want others to pay their way through government programs, is less offensive than the supposed “greed” of those who have produced and become wealthy. For you to stereotype all people who have produced a substantial income as greedy is very offensive to those of us who have worked hard, risked much, and given repeatedly to charity and the underprivileged. Then to have you say that through more taxation and fees, you believe it’s ok to force us to give even more to people who want handouts is a communist concept. Call it what you want, use buzz words, or non-buzz words. Communism fails 100% of the time. It is against scriptural principles – (your Jesus argument) and is completely contrary to the founding of our country and what made her great.
      The idea of debt growing is absurd. 100 years ago there was no such thing as national debt, and very limited personal debt. Economic growth occurred without government intervention. The amazing thing is that our economy can grow at all with all the government we have currently strangling it.

    • Not until Now! Almost 50% of the folks here in America do not pay any
      taxes at all. Is that fair? After the Socialists demonize and tax and regulate the successful (those who have companies and Hire those who do not) folks into poverty or run then out of America to forign shores where
      they are not misstreated, we will see all the folks who ride the wagon get
      a chance to really miss the so called rich.
      America! the greatest country the world has ever known is being destroyed right under our noses. we have to fight back.
      Consider that most estimates figure around one hundred Billion people have ever lived here on this earth, and only around 5% of those have ever
      lived under conditions we Americans would consider FREE. Why would
      a people elect and tolerate a person who would want to fundamentally
      transform a country such as this? Want to see a great chage in America?
      Get rid of all the life long congress men and put in some who actually will
      work for Us the people… and live within the budget.

  5. I believe there is always the American resolve, those silent who come and vote. Especially when this nation is pressed in danger of losing the liberties our founders and framers toiled to create our society and our brave soldiers who paid with their blood to protect.

    The American people are coming to grips that this president and his jackals are for real and their agenda is transparent enough to those with sense to see it. His ratings are slipping and will slip another 10% by the end of this congressional session. I know it is just a short 6 months into the job, however, his sweeping changes are appalling and damaging. That is where I rate him as the worst president ever. I know of at least 5 die hard Obama fans who now rue the day they voted for him and I feel this promise of hope and change was not the “Eutopian hope and change” they were looking for.

    When he told “Joe the Plumber” that we need to spread the wealth around, right then and there the word “Socialist” and “Marxist” should have been tattooed on the voter as a very dangerous community organized ACORN politician. His statements were chilling whereby Americans need bigger government, and more government programs to “assist” Americans. He went on as a good Socialist and Marxist would do…he sold his hope and change to the poor and elderly with promises of government jobs and socialized health care. Both groups bought into this Eutopian empty promise But alas to no surprise mind you all, the liberal media and the liberal Ohio machine attacked Joe and not the true problem, Obama. No one wanted to see this false idol tarnished no matter what.

    He and the rest of those Socialist jackals of Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Frank, Durbin, Waxman, Boxer, et al, do not care about our rights since as liberals feel Americans are stupid and need government to decide rather than let freedom and democracy set a path that individual Americans can make. Isn’t that what American resolve is all about? Our choice to let us do what we aspire and not what the government will determine? BTW McCain was not the best choice either as his agendas were tasinted with Socialist. However the lesser of 2 evils would have been with McCain. He at least would have been a fly in the ointment.

    His agenda is clear, Socialism and now! We as Americans can and we all need to stand up against the smug politicians who want to destroy what we have enjoyed for 233 years. Perhaps this threat of increased socialism wil be a blessing to wake up clueless Americans to finally take heed as to what is going on with their government. It is never too late to take action and stop freedom from bleeding.

  6. We are not allowing the Dems to lie about their socialism – the media is complicit in this lie – and for the same reason.

    As for the people, remember that the huddled masses of Dems are the “misinformed – the uninformed – and the chloroformed!”

    Rick Butts

  7. If we would recall each and everyone and put them out of office, the next group might do the job we sent them for .

    We need to make them roll back all the goodies they gave them selfs on our dollar, where’s my job where I can go work 4 years and get a retirement for life with health care.

    NO we have to work our whole life to get ours and then they can change the rules to make it worthless or kill off the business we invested our sweat,hard work and money in, to make points with slackers, because they know they will keep voting them in.

    I worked hard to learn a good trade like I was taught growing up, where they said any job you do, do it at the best you can do and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

    Then we find out it all about doing it cheaper and give our jobs to illegals who put out a piss poor work, no where close to the quality as we learned and made to effort to improve ourselfs and our work, to find out all that was thrown out, so someone could afford another yacht or summer place they never use more than maybe once .

  8. […] plan for change is coming into clear view of the intentions of those who call themselves liberal or progressive, and deny their socialism while their policies and intentions clearly show […]

  9. government jobs are still the best when it comes to job security ,”‘

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  11. Can you please give me a reference that shows this man truly made this statement. I have shared in on my FB page and I know people will come back and say that Snopes said it is “Probably False”. While I give Snopes now credibility anymore, I would like to have a reference to fall back upon to post for others to read. Snopes also says it is probably from a letter (not worded exactly but similar in content written to this man from Upton Sinclair. Also on Snopes is an 11 minute video of Reagan attributing part of this comment to Thomas but saying it was said in 1927. What is true and where may I find it for my liberal minded friends?

  12. Just after read many of the blog articles on your blog these week, and I definitely like your personal style of writing a blog. I bookmarked it to my favorites web-site list and will be checking back again soon.

  13. In reply to Mark Welles, Jesus petioned the church and his diciples to
    to take care of the poor and needy, not the government.
    If you want to spout what would Jesus do, then get it right.

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  16. Of course most Democrats will deny the label :Socialism”. The two main reasons being: 1 they are still buying whatever the party leaders tell them, or
    2 lying is a basic part of their makeup!
    It’s everywhere, you have to walk around with your eyes closed to miss it, and no, I am not talking about “I heard it on talk radio!” proof either… Lookup sometime how many of the democratic representatives are also listed on the membership roles of the communist party…

  17. Excellent information. Now, this needs to spread to the other side so the Obama minions can learn where they took the wrong road and how to get on the right path.

  18. Norman Mattoon Thomas was a Christian minister, the son of a Christian minister, and the grandson of a Christian minister. He was also a Republican who upon graduation from college worked in slums and saw the degradation of society because of the ills of capitalism that refused to be swayed by the Gospel. Norman Mattoon Thomas was a great Christian soul who worked hard to teach the Gospel to a nation who treated immigrants as slave labor. Not much has changed, except those who talk of the Gospel of Jesus don’t read the bible much.

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