Missouri House Approves State FairTax Constitutional Amendment

I’ve been a proponent of the FairTax for a few years now. My faith in the FairTax has never waivered nor will it anytime soon. Although many on the left (and a few on the right) have worked to discredit the idea of the FairTax over the past few years, the movement is gaining momentum.

The lastest victory come from Missouri where the House of Representatives voted to approve of a state Constitutional Amendment that would give Missouri a state-level FairTax.

From Fair Tax Nation:

In a development of potential national significance, the Missouri House of Representatives, on April 16, 2009, sent a proposed amendment to the Missouri Constitution, HJR36, to the state Senate that, if enacted, would bring a state-level Fair Tax to Missouri.

The sponsor of the bill, Edgar G. Emery (R-Missouri District 126, Lamar), advised me yesterday he thinks the bill has a reasonable chance of passage in the state Senate. There is no definite time table yet there – the resolution has had its first reading. However the passage of the proposal in the state House has enhanced the profile of the bill in the state Senate.

If the state Senate approves, the measure will be submitted to the voters of the State in November 2010 without need for consideration by the Governor.

If approved by the voters, the measure would take effect on January 1, 2012, and Missouri would become the first laboratory in the United States – and perhaps the world – to test the macro-economic benefits of the Fair Tax.

New Jersey FairTax State Co-Director, engineer and business owner, Norm Simms, has stated frequently that his decisions on where to site production are sensitive to tax climate. If the state FairTax passes, businesses would be expected to seriously consider locating – or relocating – to Missouri.

Credit for the success of this bill goes to the Missouri FairTax volunteeers.

You can access Missouri HJR36 on-line here:

Missouri HJR36

There have been many efforts at tax reform over the past twenty years, but all of them failed to produce the desired results. Here are three end-goals that any tax reform plan must have in order to be viable:

1) The plan must remove from the IRS any power to intrude on the private lives of American citizens.
2) The plan must remove from the K Street lobbyists any power to influence Congressional votes.
3) The plan must not allow hidden taxes to be passed along to the consumer at any time.

There is only one tax reform plan that addresses all three of these end-goals:


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