Obama, Illegals, Amnesty And The Twelve Million Voter Bloc

Last year, I posted the following item about Obama’s plans to legalize at least 12 million illegal aliens:

Barack Obama Would Grant Citizenship To Twelve Million Illegals
October 22, 2008

I was not alone in sounding the alarm as many other bloggers and New Media journalists also put forth their ideas on the matter. Our warnings went largely unnoticed if not completely ignored. Some even claimed that we were being paranoid.

Well, Julia Preston of the New York Times has confirmed what we warned people about last October. From her article:

Mr. Obama will frame the new effort — likely to rouse passions on all sides of the highly divisive issue — as “policy reform that controls immigration and makes it an orderly system,” said the official, Cecilia Muñoz, deputy assistant to the president and director of intergovernmental affairs in the White House.

Mr. Obama plans to speak publicly about the issue in May, administration officials said, and over the summer he will convene working groups, including lawmakers from both parties and a range of immigration groups, to begin discussing possible legislation for as early as this fall.

He said then that comprehensive immigration legislation, including a plan to make legal status possible for an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants, would be a priority in his first year in office. Latino voters turned out strongly for Mr. Obama in the election.

Those of us who were called “paranoid” are now the wise prescient sages. We saw this coming and no one listened.

You can access this complete article on-line here:

Obama To Push Immigration Bill As One Priority
Julia Preston
New York Times
April 8, 2009

Obama will try to make the claim that this legislation is for the “economic good” of the United States or that it is the “humane” thing to do with 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants. But those would be lies. The only reason for doing this that makes any sense at all is that Obama wants to ensure Democrat/Socialist power by creating a new voting bloc of 12 to 20 million voters. Granting amnesty to the illegals currently in the United States is the way he and his cronies in Congress are going to do it.

The move cannot be economic since it would ultimately hurt the American worker who is already struggling under a tough economy. Jobs that could have been taken by legitimate Americans will now be permanently in the hands of those who broke the law by coming here illegally. Further, it would let employers who illegally hired these workers off the hook thereby ensuring that those jobs for those who came here illegally.

For some odd reason, the unions will support this legislation. They see the opportunity to increase their memberships. But this will backfire on them as union members who are legitimate Americans begin to realize that these former illegals were placed at the head of the line in front of them for job openings. In other words, the current rank-and-file will see that jobs that would have gone to them will instead go to new union members who do not have as much seniority. That will not go over well with the union membership.

And what about the immigrants and hopeful immigrants who are trying to come to the United States legally? How do we explain to them that they are not as important as those who broke the law and came to the United States the wrong way? That is a very bad message to send out to the world. It will only encourage more illegal immigration and then new pushes for more amnesty after that.

As for the humane aspect, how humane is it to saddle the legitimate American taxpayer with higher bills for more welfare recipients? The illegals who will be granted amnesty under this proposal will become eligible for welfare benefits even before the government begins to collect taxes from them. That will mean a higher tax bill for legitimate Americans.

The only reason for this proposal that makes sense is that Obama and the socialist Democrats know that their policies will cause them to lose power in 2010 and 2012. Thus, they need to find millions of new voters to buy votes from and fast. Their answer is amnesty for illegals.

That will mean the end to fair elections here in the United States. Tom Hoffman of the American Thinker explains why and the historical evidence supporting this claim:

Remember when “B1 Bob” Dornan lost his House seat to a woman named Sanchez? The election was stolen by Hermandad Nacional Mexicana a group that made a concerted effort to register illegal aliens. Since then, the art of rigging the vote has been refined and perfected by the likes of ACORN and other community activist organizations.

The modus operandi is clear. First, there must be a team of lawyers to challenge any efforts to determine voter eligibility. What we end up with here in California is “motor voter” registration. This means DMV workers urge anyone getting a driver’s license to go ahead and register to vote. Lawyers and Democratic state legislators have made it illegal to require documentation regarding immigration status; it’s the honor system. If an illegal feels uncomfortable lying to a bureaucrat at the DMV, he or she can apply by mail and receive an absentee ballot. This way they need not even have to show up at the polling place; just mail it in.

It’s just too easy to cheat. Of course, at the polling place there is no need to prove who you claim to be; honor system again. Sign in and vote with no questions asked. The lawyers and legislators paved the way for the “undocumented worker” to vote like a native born citizen by doing away with need to document anything, let alone citizenship. All that is necessary is a mailing address; and, no kidding, the same culprits are busy doing away with that so the “homeless” can now register.

The evidence behind the stealing of Dornan’s seat is documented here:

The Sour Lesson Of Bob Dornan’s Defeat
Sound Politics
December 29, 2004

We need to really stand together nad make our voices heard that we Americans are opposed to granting amnesty to illegals under any circumstances.

The Dems make the ridiculous claim that machinery needs to be put in place to allow illegals to become legal. That machinery already exists. The illegals simply need to go back to their countries of origin and apply for entry into the United States in the correct, legal way.

Anything other than that would be tantamount to giving away our national sovereignty.

You can access Hoffman’s complete column on-line here:

The End Of Fair Elections
Tom Hoffman
The American Thinker
April 9, 2009

One Response

  1. Immigration Thoughts: The following consists of the thoughts of the writer as it pertains to Illegal Immigration. How often has one person married another with the intent of changing that person? If anyone thinks that an inordinate number of Illegal Immigrants are not in interested in changing our country, then they are unaware of the obvious. Why do you think Illegal Immigrants are aligning themselves with the progressives in our country? They are sympathetic to each other’s agenda because they are, for the most part, the same. Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants will make the ranks of progressives swell to the point that nothing, not even The Constitution, can stand in their way.

    Let’s lay out some the indicators that are staring us squarely in the face.

    Currently, the government is not representative of the majority (the newly awaken and enlightened one). A glance at the poles confirms this as worthy of noting. During the last election, the moderates and disenchanted were duped by the promise of change and transparency within our government. The lies, eloquent speeches, and promises generated enough votes to change the very face of our government. Every change in the political road our legal citizens have been following has been paved with examples that sent many good citizens away scratching their heads in disbelief. As progressives see their numbers fall they see the chance of resurrection through the growth and shared goals that are arriving with the Illegal Immigrants. Through amnesty or some quick path to citizenship the progressives will have yet another opportunity to dismantle our Constitution and advance their liberal agenda. Surely, you can do the math.

    We have not lost faith in the concept of government. We have only lost faith in our current government that has turned out to NOT represent the majority. When observing progressives, it is important to watch what they do instead of what they are promising to do. Things tend to get twisted when it becomes a finished product.

    Next, I would like to address the concept of an inefficient government apparatus. A wild guess tells me that the U.S. Government is the largest employer in our nation. The current administration has grossly inflated the size, complexity, and inefficiency of a tyrannical bureaucracy under the guise that they are the only ones capable of looking out for our well being. The newly added segments of government are acting with impunity and with total disregard for fiscal accountability. They also don’t seem to be bound to any duty for adhering to the Constitution. Moreover, does anyone really think this new monstrosity of a government is not contributing to our high unemployment? The moratorium on off-shore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico is but one grievous example. Since, in general terms, we are looking at Illegal Immigration; we should address the impact of allowing more people into our country when our unemployment rate is steadily hovering around the 10% mark. Explain this to the unemployed workers and taxpayers. Additionally and recently, many law enforcement officers are joining the ranks of the unemployed. How safe and secure are you feeling now?

    Loyalty is a touchy subject. Many people have lost sight of the fact that loyalty is a two-way street. Most of those who visit this website are truly loyal to the Republic and serve whenever they can. All loyal Americans give something and many are ready to give everything. There are both external forces and internal ones that seek to change our way of life. Illegal Immigrants do not openly display their loyalty to our country. In fact they often publicly disrespect and demonstrate against it. They disregard our laws by entering our country illegally (that alone makes them criminals). A staggering number of them commit other crimes; egregious crimes. Now, we have high unemployment coupled with more criminal activity and fewer law enforcement officers. This is a deadly combination and that tests our loyalty to a government that is failing us and leading us away from our roots. As stated above, loyalty is a two-way street. Progressives are loyal to change that leads us away from our sacred Republic with the intent to deliver us to a Marxist, Socialist, or Communist evil.

    It is easy to question the President’s loyalty when he brings known Communists, Marxists, and even former terrorists into the hallowed confines of the White House. This alone should scare the hell out of anyone loyal to the Republic. There are too many things going unchallenged in this administration. Where is the transparency and why does not the administration come out and explain why their selections for service to the country are worthy? Many have a history of openly opposing the very themes that made us the Republic that we are. There is way too much smoke for there not to be a fire.

    Elitism hangs right in there with arrogance. When Barbra Boxer chastised that Army General for not addressing her as Senator I began to take note. There was no disrespect when he addressed her as Mme. All soldiers are held to strict standards when addressing superiors and when that person is a female the term is Mme. And then when it comes to the President, he always comes across as a parent or professor instead of the highest public servant we have. In spite of our public officials working for us, we always seem to be respectful and courteous to them. Public officials are not all-knowing and all-wise, they are our servants that we have entrusted with running our government and adhering to the Constitution. Our servants should not be cramming things like healthcare and immigration reform down our throats. Next they will want to seize our gold and repress any media that might expose their progressive agenda. (Isn’t Gold Line a sponsor of Glenn Beck and Fox News?) Hopefully, this administration is not getting too comfortable in the positions we have placed them into because we can also remove them during the next election.

    Lastly, I would like to address government repression and oppression. Just like this administration took over banks, auto manufacturers and health care, they will surely try to open our borders and welcome all immigrants, thus, exposing us to outside influence and interference. The stage is set and they know we are watching so be ready. We can’t afford to drop our guard. As concerned citizens, we can’t afford to remain ignored.

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