Obama Wants Transparency? Not If It Exposes The White House Chief Of Staff, Rahm Emanuel!

One of Obama’s campaign promises was that he would make the government “more transparent.” Well, we are still waiting for that transparency to emerge. If anything, Obama and the Democrats have worked to make things more secretive. For example, the way the Republicans were excluded from meetings where the porkulus/spendulus package was written.

The broken promise of more transparency has even extended into the White House itself where Rahm Emanuel is Chief of Staff. While doing a background story on Rahm’s activities at Freddie Mac, the Chicago Tribune tried to obtain meeting minutes and other information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). But the Obama Administration just outright said “No.”

From the Chicago Tribune:

The Obama administration rejected a Tribune request under the Freedom of Information Act to review Freddie Mac board minutes and correspondence during Emanuel’s time as a director. The documents, obtained by Falcon for his investigation, were “commercial information” exempt from disclosure, according to a lawyer for the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

Why the secrecy? What is the Obama Administration afraid will be brought to light if that information were released? Perhaps that Rahm Emanuel had a bigger hand in causing the credit crisis than previously thought?

That little line about “commercial information” should only apply to private companies. Freddie and Fannie are not private anymore.

Again, what is the Obama Administration afraid of in releasing that information?

If this had been a Republican Administration denying this kind of information, the leftist leaning news networks would be all over it. But, since they won’t cover this, it is up to us bloggers to ask these questions.

You can access the complete story on-line here:

Rahm Emanuel’s Profitable Stint At Mortgage Giant
Bob Secter and Andrew Zajac
Chicago Tribune
March 27, 2009


Obama Makes Plans To Release Terrorists Into The United States

Back on March 11th, I posted the following blog entry:

Gitmo Prisoners Defend ‘Blessed’ 9/11 Attack
March 11, 2009

I recieved a few responses to that post, none of which I could publish because of the use of profanity or because the responders made illogical and irrational arguments without providing any evidence to back them up.

But one responder wrote: “This isn’t ****ing true. You ***hole Conservatives only make this **it up to promote Rush Limbaugh. There are no plans to release any of these people!” You can see why I refused to publish that response.

But, I like to reference back to these stories when new stories crop up that are directly related.

The most recent such story is that the Obama Administration wants to release several terrorists being held at Gitmo directly into the United States. That’s right. They are to be released right here on American soil.

From AFP:

President Barack Obama’s intelligence chief confirmed Thursday that some Guantanamo inmates may be released on US soil and receive assistance to return to society.

“If we are to release them in the United States, we need some sort of assistance for them to start a new life,” said National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair at his first press conference.

Now, who among us believes that any terrorists released from Gitmo onto U.S. soil would not immediately turn around and start planning attacks against American citizens right here within our own borders?

Apparently, we have a president who is naive and ignorant enough to believe it.

You can access the complete article on-line here:

Terror Inmates May Be Released In US: Intel Chief
AFP via Breitbart
March 26, 3009