Another Example Of The Horrors That Socialized Medicine Will Bring Us

Remember Baghdad Bob? He was the Iraqi government official who went on TV swearing up and down that there were no Americans in Baghdad during the 2003 Iraq War. As he was making this proclaimation, a U.S. Army M-2 Bradley fighting vehicle drove by in the background. It was one of the most hilarious moments in broadcast journalism.

Well, those who support socialized medicine are just like Baghdad Bob. They shout at the top of their lungs that a nationalized health care system is the best thing since sliced bread, and while they are beating their chests, a new story about the massive failings of socialized medicine goes to print.

Such is the latest story from the United Kingdom. Specifically, The Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation which runs Stafford and Cannock Chase hospitals.

Jenny Hope, writing for the Daily Mail Online, notes the following:

Dehydrated patients were forced to drink out of flower vases, while others were left in soiled linen on filthy wards.

Relatives of patients who died at Staffordshire General Hospital told how they were so worried by the standard of care they slept in chairs on the wards.

And other findings:

  • Receptionists carrying out initial checks on patients;
  • Two clinical decision units – one unstaffed – used as ‘dumping grounds’ for A&E patients to avoid missing waiting targets;
  • Nurses who turned off heart monitors because they didn’t understand how to use them;
  • Delayed operations, with some patients having surgery cancelled four days in a row and left without food, drink or medication;
  • Vital equipment such as heart defibrilators was not working;
  • A savings target of £10million met at the expense of 150 posts, including nurses.

Now, I know that many advocates of socialized medicine will say that these are isolated incidents or that the same things happen under a privatized health care system.

They are wrong on both points. These are not isolated incidents. You can read about a myriad of other deficiencies of socialized health care on-line at the following website:

The Truth About Socialized Medicine

And, if these incidents were as common in a privatized health care system, they would be the lead stories for CNN and MSNBC and front page news for the Washington Post and New York Times almost every day of the week. But they aren’t stories here because under a privatized health care system these things don’t happen on this scale or anywhere near this often.


As a new father myself, the story and picture of the baby is the most hard-hitting.

Here are some other stories about what has been happening in Staffordshire:

“My wife had treatment at this hospital and it was beyond belief. Staff tried to get my wife to believe she had already been given her tablets when they hadn’t; later admitting they ran out and did not want to call out the Pharmacy! People were screaming for the toilet as their requests for assistance went unheeded.”
Mick, Stafford

“My mother in law died at a hospital where her ‘care’ was almost non-existant. She died screaming in pain because nobody could be found to replace her morphine pump.” Claire, Norfolk

“When my father was in hospital for months, he lay in a bed with dirty, torn blankets and grubby sheets. I asked to see the Hospital Manager and was walked through the most plush of offices. I was sickened and told her so.” Sammy, UK

“My sister recently qualified as a nurse. During her training a fellow student commented to a manager that a doctor hadn’t bothered to change his scrubs after undertaking a minor operation on a patient and wore the same ones for his next operation. She was warned any whistle blowing of that sort would result in her being kicked out.” Jo, Middlesex

This is what awaits us here in the United States if we adopt socialized medicine.

We must ensure that health care decisions remain in the hands of the people who will be most affected by those decisions: the patients and their physicians.

You can access the complete article on-line here:

Brown Apologises For Unacceptable Failings At Stafford ‘Third World’ Hospital
Jenny Hope
Daily Mail
March 19, 2009

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  2. […] Those who read my blog on a regular basis know very well what the mention of Mid-Staffordshire refers to. […]

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    I’m Out! :)

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  6. I’m an American resident in France for 25 years.

    What I’m about to say is not a reflection on the French people or culture, it reflects on the dynamics of socialized medicine. It is true for France and it would be true anywhere. Socialized medicine makes doctors and all health care personnel government employees (indirectly perhaps but the effect is the same). They are no longer primarily working for the welfare of the patient. Their job is to save money for the state, and in that pursuit they will limit diagnostics and treatment to avoid even confronting conditions that might lead to costly treatment. This has occurred to me on several occasions, to my great harm.

  7. I am Canadian and had all three of my children in Canada. I have Mother and Father who are both still residents of Canada and we have them with us still because of the “socialized” medical system in Canada. I received the very best treatment while in the hospital having my three beautiful and healthy children. I had not ever been denied any medical treatment or medicines until I moved to the states and became covered by “the best medical systems in the world” My parents are both alive because of the “socialized” medical system in Canada. My Mom, a three time cancer survivor, My Dad a quad-bypass and angioplasty. They have always received the best care and have not had to spend their life savings or declare medical bankruptcy. They are alive because of “one of the best health care systems in the world”. the system in Canada may not be perfect, but it provides medical care for everyone, EVERYONE, regardless of their financial situation and provides it at little or no cost above your coverage which mostly comes from your employer…and most…not just some employers are required to offer the coverage. So get real people….the US medical system is broken and the doctors and nurses or not calling the shots. The HMOs are calling the shots and will deny coverage whenever and for whatever they possibly can. No matter how much you or your employer have paid for the coverage. They have their own rules and don’t even follow them most of the time. Stop saying that trying to create a medical system that will provide sick people or injured people with medical care regardless of their financial status “socialized” A medical system that works would be preferable regardless of whether it is socialized or not. And anyone who says that our system works…obviously has never been broke and not had medical insurance and been sick or injured. The politicians who serve and then get LIFETIME BENEFITS wouldn’t know what it is like to not have the access to medical treatment if their lives depended on it. GET REAL AND STOP BSING US. FIX THE PROBLEMS abd stop bad mouthing other medical systems. You are not there to label other medical systems. You are there to fix the one here.

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