Terrorist Training Camps In America, One Right Here In Virginia

This should be another wake-up call to all Americans. There could be a terrorist training camp right in your backyard. We’ve got one here in Virginia in a town called Red House.

A documentary movie produced by the Christian Action Network tells the story.

From Robert Spencer at Human Events Online:

“We are fighting to destroy the enemy. We are dealing with evil at its roots and its roots are America.”

So said the Pakistani Sheikh Muburak Gilani, leader of the jihad terrorist group Jamaat ul-Fuqra. And the way that he and his organization are “dealing with evil at its roots” is to set up jihad terror training camps all over the United States — often under the noses of government and law enforcement officials who are either indifferent or too hamstrung by political correctness to do anything about it.

According to Gilani, the terrorist group he leads has more than 35 communes and 3,000 members spread across the United States.


The documentary reveals that these compounds are dedicated to the training of Muslims in terrorist activities. Most of these camps are tucked away in remote rural areas — Hancock, N.Y., Red House, Va. — as far away from the watchful eye of law enforcement as possible. And what goes on in them is truly hair-raising: a training video that the network obtained shows American Muslims receiving training in how to fire AK-47 rifles and machine guns, and how to use rocket launchers, mortars, and explosives, as well as training in kidnapping, the murder of hostages, sabotage, and subversive operations.

So, why doesn’t the government or law enforcement do anything about it?

[T]he State Department doesn’t include Jamaat ul-Fuqra on its Foreign Terrorist Organization Watch List.

Old Media has even run hit pieces on the film claiming no evidence to back up the story on the screen. Well, if Old Media actually did good research on Jamaat ul-Fuqra, in addition to the quotes by Gilani noted above, they would have discovered the following:

[T]he Colorado Attorney General’s Office, … currently has posted on its website a page about Jamaat ul-Fuqra. “In addition to being suspected of committing numerous acts of domestic terrorism,” it says, “FUQRA members in the United States have been suspected of committing fraud against various governmental entitlement programs in an effort to financially support their activities.” And “FUQRA or its members have been investigated for alleged terrorist acts including murder and arson in New York, Detroit, Philadelphia, Toronto, Denver, Los Angeles and Tucson. UL FUQRA is suspected of more than thirteen firebombings and, at least, as many murders within the United States.”

And given that we elected a pro-Muslim President whose sole strategy in the War On Terror is to “listen and learn,” it looks like he will only learn about these camps when he listens to reports that domestic terrorist attacks have broken out and killed hundreds or even thousands more innocent Americans.

Do you have a terror training camp in your backyard? I suggest you watch this movie to find out.

You can access the complete article on-line here:

Terror Training Camps On American Soil
Robert Spencer
Human Events Online
February 19, 2009


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  1. There is no Red House VA in the atlas. Hancock, NY is SE of Burlington right on the Delaware River. Does Delaware County Sheriff Dept. know about this? And who is the landowner of record in the court house?

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  6. ta mere

  7. Can’t do anything till they shoot first!!! Meanwhile they are gathering prospective fighters from every prison in the USA Bring our trooops home to protect the USA – we are going to need them SOON I think!!! Africa is more than “Black” — white and brown too – someone should let the Blacks in the USA know that Obama is NOT a “black” — he is a BROWN MUSLIM!!!

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