Socialized Medicine: Enforcing Your “Duty To Die”

As noted earlier, the Porkulus/Spendulus/Stimulus Package passed by the socialist Democrats in Congress and set for signature by our socialist President Barack Obama, contains language that will begin setting up American Health Care in the style of European Health Care (or more accurately, lack thereof if you happen to be one of the unfortunate ones who fall into certain categories). That language will allow the creation fo a Federal Council that will have the power to over-ride your doctor’s treatment prescriptions if some faceless bureaucrat with little to no medical traiing decides that you are not worth treating.

Writing for Town Hall, Austin Hill has this:

Western Europe’s utopian ambitions to “insure everybody” and make healthcare “free” have by no means been realized. In fact, the nationalizing of healthcare in Europe has led to worsening government deficits, and increased healthcare costs, and efforts to contain those costs have resulted in the denial of treatment to those persons not expected to live much longer – – that is, the elderly and the seriously ill.

This “need” to deny people health care has frequently, in Europe, been cast in terms of one’s “duty to die.” The idea is that, once you have lived “long enough;” after you have consumed your “fair share” of the earth’s resources; and when your combined age and health conditions make it “obvious” that further efforts to prolong your life just simply “aren’t worth it;” you will then have a responsibility to accept these consequences, and to accept that you’ll just have to get along without life-sustaining healthcare.

In other words, once a government employee has determined that spending healthcare resources on you will not produce much of a “return on the investment,” you will then have a “duty to die.”

That is precisely what we are heading for. And, in this world of ironies, the American Association of Retired Persons was lobbying Republicans to pass this beast. In essence, the AARP wanted to pass legislation that would make it legally acceptable for the government to withhold medical treat from AARP members!

Moreover, you are about to lose the privilidge of doctor-patient confidentiality:

Forget the notion that the Doctor-patient relationship is “sacred,” or that you will make “private” decisions about your health care, in consultation with your Doctor. If Democrats continue the trend of “Europeanizing” our American health care, the office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology will eventually be overseeing your healthcare, making sure that if your Doctor spends “too much” on you, they will face federal “penalties, ” the likes of which have yet to be fully defined.

For over three decades, the Democratic Party has insisted that it is wrong for government to “interfere” with a woman’s medical decisions with respect to the child in the womb. Now, President Obama and congressional Democrats are insisting that government must be involved in everybody’s medical decisions. Worse yet, their proposals threaten human life on yet another front: not only are unborn children threatened by their policies, but so, also, are the ill and the elderly.

If Americans continue voting for “more government” as a means to “cure” all our societal ills, we will continue to move closer to the point where anonymous government bureaucrats determine when you have lived “long enough,” when you have consumed your “fair share” of resources, and when it is “obvious” that you won’t live much longer.

President Obama and the Democratic Congress are determined to take us to this point.

More double-standards. If that was the “change” you wanted in Washington D.C., I’d say you now have it.

You can access the complete column on-line here:

Democrats, Health Care “Reform,” And Your “Duty To Die”
Austin Hill
February 15, 2009


5 Responses

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  2. I’m hearing a lot of hastily drawn conclusions, but where’s the evidence to back them up?

    If Europeans are dying because their healthcare programs include some sort of “duty to die,” what are the numbers? Can you prove it? No, because it’s not true.

    Do you have even one credible story of someone in Western Europe whose been denied life saving care in the interest of the common good? No, you don’t. Presumably because you prefer angry rants to facts.

    There are lots of stories of people in the US who’ve been denied care because they can’t afford it.

    And explain to me why elderly Frenchmen aren’t fleeing to the US when their government calls upon them to fulfill this duty-to-die. It ain’t gonna happen becuase your blog is a baseless and unjustifiable scare-tactic.

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