National Republican Trust Political Action Committee Vows To Oppose Three RINOs

Specifically, Arlen Specter (R-PA), Olympia Snowe (R-ME) and Susan Collins (R-ME). Those three have been a traitor to Conservative principles for far too long. It is time to get rid of them.

So, Scott Wheeler of Republican Trust PAC has gone on record and put those three on notice that the GOP Trust PAC will provide support to whomever challenges these three in the Primary Elections when they come up for re-election in their home states.

From the GOP Trust Press Release:

Today, Scott Wheeler, Executive Director, National Republican Trust PAC, announced that his organization would support challengers in primaries of any Republicans who vote for the stimulus bill. The NRT PAC spent the third largest amount of any independent organization in the 2008 campaign; $6 million in advertising through the November election, and $750,000 in the runoff for the U.S. Senate seat in Georgia.

“The American people don’t want this trillion dollar political payoff that will just line the pockets of non-governmental organizations who supported Obama in the election,” Wheeler said. “Republican Senators are on notice. If they support the stimulus package we will make sure every voter in their state knows how they tried to further bankrupt voters in an already bad economy.”

Specter, Snowe and Collins have rightly earned the ire of the GOP base. With the help of those three, the Dems have effectively mortgaged our childrens’ future on a spending package that is more about repaying political allies than it is for getting the economy going.

I wonder what those three were promised in return for their back-stabbing?

You can access the original press release on-line here:

National Republican Trust PAC Will Support Candidates That Challenge Republican Senators Who Support Stimulus Bill
Scott Wheeler
National Republican Trust
February 9, 2009

And you can donate to the efforts to get rid of the three traitor RINOs on-line here:

Donations – National Republican Trust


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