Bailed Out Bank Of America Hands $2 Million To Voter-Fraud Organization

Let’s see: Corporate conferences, remodeling rest rooms, paying out bonuses to employees. Any of that done by a bank that received bail-out funds causes the Dems to scream bloody murder.

But, if a bank that received bail-out funds donates to an organization that actively engages in voter-fruad, well, the Dems are okay with that.

From Amanda Carpenter at Town Hall:

Bank of America, one of the many banks to benefiting from a government bailout, is giving more than $2.1 million directly to the controversial interest group ACORN that engaged in fraudulent voter registration activities in the 2008 election.

The January 29 Chronicle of Philanthropy [subscription only] reported Bank of America’s Charitable Foundation is giving the interest group $2,155,000 “for efforts to prevent foreclosures and educate people about finances and purchasing homes.”

The gift is being made in four separate allocations, most of them going to Chicago–the city President Obama hails from. ACORN endorsed Obama in the 2008 presidential election and actively worked to elect him by conducting various get-out-the-vote activities. In the process of those activities ACORN submitted hundreds of fraudulent voter registration forms to local election offices.

Two of the grants, one for $2 million and another for $85,000 are being made to a Chicago ACORN corporation. Another, for $20,000, is being given to a Las Vegas chapter. And, $50,000 is being gifted to ACORN in Miami.

Notice that the lion’s share went ot the Chicago-based chapter? Looks like Obama may be paying off his political allies using taxpayer dollars.

You can access the original article on-line here:

Bailed Out Band Of America Gives $2M To ACORN
Amanda Carpenter
February 2, 2009


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  1. The difference between socialism and capitalism? Under socialism, banks are first nationalised and then go bankrupt. In the capitalist system it appears to work the other way around.

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