Ken Blackwell’s Case For Republican National Committee Chair

I’d like to see Ken Blackwell become the next RNC Chairman. He would be great for the GOP and the right man to get the party going in the right direction again.

Amanda Carpenter over at Town Hall has this:

If elected RNC Chairman Blackwell’s mission would be to change the culture of the RNC, which he thinks has become too dependent on Washington connections cultivated with the soon-to-be nonexistent Bush Administration. To help make the break, he’s pitched RNC members on a new revenue sharing program that would kick-back ten percent of net fundraising proceeds to state parties.

“The whole fundraising apparatus is so inside-the-Beltway oriented that I have seen a true responsiveness to my revenue sharing program,” Blackwell said, “No longer are we going to send a staffer to state and then act as if they were my Whip.”

That would certainly be a good thing. But what I like the most is the following:

He spoke frankly about his desire to steer the RNC in a conservative direction, even amid an environment when many politicos say the organization needs to become more moderate in order to compete in future elections.

“We want to know that folks are not going out and embracing candidates who only believe in 20 percent of our platform,” he said adding, however that he recognized “the political realities in Rhode Island are different than Mississippi.

He said the GOP platform is “just a collection of papers if people are not living it.” When asked how he might influence candidates to embracing the full platform he referred to Rule 11 of the party’s rules which prohibits the RNC from contributing money to any candidate who is not formally nominated by the party.

“I might make that a little easier to invoke,” he said.

That would go a long, long way to getting the RINOs out of the party and replacing them with candidates who are more solidly Conservative. This is what the party needs more than anything else.

My vote is Ken Blackwell for RNC Chair.

You can access the complete article on-line here:

Blackwell’s Case For RNC Chair
Amanda Carpenter
January 8, 2009

2 Responses

  1. I’m not sure I understand why you think Blackwell would be good for the RNC?

    • Because he is the one who will lead the party back towards its Conservative roots, rather than continuing the failed policy of becoming more moderate.

      Trying to be Democrat-lite is what killed the GOP in 2006 and 2008. I know Ken Blackwell will not repeat those mistakes.

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