Another Example Of What Awaits Us In A Socialized Health Care System: Father Dies Slow Death In Emergency Room

Those who support socialized medicine know the truth but refuse to speak it out loud. Nationalized health care would not be socialized, it would be rationed. In fact, it would be rationed to the point of the United States seeing the horrors that are now commonly seen in Canada and Great Britain.

Here is a sad story coming out of the United Kingdom:

DAD-of-two Stewart Fleming grips his head in pain as he waits to be seen in A&E – but he died after being ignored for SIX hours.

Clearly suffering, Stewart was clutching a note from his doctor saying he must be seen IMMEDIATELY.

But the railway signalman, 37, was left to die as a deadly virus ravaged his body and one by one his organs collapsed.


An A & E (Accidents & Emergencies) is the equivalent of an American ER (Emergency Room).


His distraught wife Sarah, 42, said: “We were waiting for so long. I was just mucking around on my phone trying to get him to smile. But he was in so much pain he couldn’t even look up to the camera.

“I can’t stop thinking that the last hours of his life were wasted. They were spent waiting around for help.

“His doctor obviously realised the severity of his condition. His life might have been saved if the hospital had given him something to fight the infection sooner.”

It was three hours before Stewart was assessed by staff at the hospital to see if he was a priority case and a further three hours until he was admitted.

Heartbroken Sarah, from Rainham, Kent, added: “There are so many questions. Why wait three hours for triage when his doctor had already done it and put it in writing?

“We should not have had to queue. He should have been dealt with immediately. I was with Stewart when the GP called the hospital.

“He typed us a letter and told us to go to A&E and hand this letter over. He said Stewart would be given a bed and treated immediately.

“But when we got to A&E it was full to bursting. I walked to the front with the letter and told them what the GP had said but I was just told to go to the back of the queue.”

That is what awaits us with Nationalized Health Care: stacking at the hands of bureaucrats and waiting hours just to be cataloged as to whether or not our conditions are serious enough to even be looked at. Someone once said that socialized health care would have all the efficiency of the Post Office and all the warmth of the Internal Revenue Service.

Six hours is a very long time to spend in an Emergency Room, especially when the patient has already been diagnosed by a qualified physician.

You can access the complete story on-line here:

Dying Father Ignored For 6 Hours
Lynsey Haywood
The Sun UK
December 29, 2008


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