DREAM Over: Illegal Alien Student Amnesty Awakens To Fiscal Reality

Illegal aliens have always been a drag on our economy. We’ve seen it everywhere, most notably in hospitals that are required to treat illegals in the Emergency Rooms even when the illegals have no means of payment for services. This little rule (The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act passed in 1986) has resulted in a loophole that allows illegals to take their kids to Emergency Rooms for regular check-ups, all paid for by U.S. taxpayers and private insurance holders. The result is that the rest of us pay higher prices for medical services and that many hosptials are shutting down because the illegals have bankrupted them.

The next group of institutions to begin feeling the pinch of granting priviliges to illegals is our schools. The Development Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act is going to do to ur colleges and universities what the Supreme Court is doing to our hospitals. The DREAM Act would eseentially be a back door amnesty for illegal aliens at the expense of legitimate Americans and legal aliens. Among other things, it would give in-state tutition to illegals while still charging much higher out-of-state tutition to American citizens.

Writing for Town Hall, Ira Mehlman, Director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, notes the following:

While public university budgets, programs, and seats fall victim to state budget crises, the DREAM Act would compel all states to provide seats and tuition breaks to newly-amnestied illegal aliens.

Backing the DREAM Act would be a body blow to the interests of the people who actually did elect Barack Obama: America’s embattled middle class. Few issues personally concern as many Americans as whether their children will be able to get the college educations they need, and how they will pay for it. Those voters are not likely to be pleased by a bill that takes educational opportunities and resources away from their own kids and turns them over to the children of illegal aliens.

Despite these economic realities, the Democrats are dead set on granting amnesty to illegals in any way possible. Why? Because it would provide them with a potential voting bloc of 12-20 million voters and allow them to continue forcing socialism on the rest of us. The Dems don’t care what damage they will be doing, only that they will continue holding power over us, which is their ultimate goal here.

And Ira’s parting shot:

An idea that was flatly rejected by the American public during a period of relative prosperity and low unemployment makes even less sense in a bad economy and governments at just about every level facing record shortfalls and deficits.

Because of the economic and fiscal realities that he will soon inherit, President Obama will be compelled to make decisions that are painful to a broad swath of the electorate. If the pain is dispensed equitably the public is likely to be understanding and forgiving. If hard-working, law-abiding Americans are asked to sacrifice while people who broke our laws are rewarded and political pressure groups are paid off, the reaction will quite different – especially if it hurts their own kids.

But, as noted above, if the Democrats can make newly amnestied illegals a part of the “broad swath of the electorate,” then the sufferings of legitimate Americans will be of absolutely no concern to them at all.

You can access the complete column on-line here:

DREAM Over: Illegal Alien Student Amnesty Awakens To Fiscal Reality
Ira Mehlman
December 3, 2008

2 Responses

  1. Your definition of the DREAM Act is essentially wrong. Whether or not it will have in-state tuition arrangements is still up for debate. Nonetheless, I think giving a path to legalization to these kids that were brought here with no say of their own is a valid initiative that many Republicans have supported.

    • Matias,

      If you read the wording of the bill currently before congress, you will find in-state tuition arrangements are clearly spelled out.

      There is no good reason to give priviliges to any group when those same priviliges are being denied to others. If one group gets in-state tuition status, then all Americans should get the same thing. Republican or not, that is the fair way to do it, but colleges and universities will not survive the financial fall-out of doing so.

      BTW, you used the words “have supported” which means past tense. Most of those Republicans got the message when they recieved a backlash from their core constituencies over their attempt at granting amnesty to illegals and have since abandoned the proposition.

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