Video: Obama Supporters Interviewed, Show Extremely Limited Knowledge Of Their Candidate

The liberals are not happy about John Ziegler’s video and what is being portrayed on it. Twelve Obama supporters were interviewed right after they voted in order to see how Old Media influenced their vote and whether or not they had gotten the full and correct story. It does not paint the libs in a very good light at all.

But that isn’t the full story. An even bigger part of the story is the telephone poll conducted by Zogby which showed how voters knew almost nothing about the Obama/Biden ticket but were more often able to answer correctly the questions about the McCain/Palin ticket, specifically questions which dealt with those stories that Old Media pushed out about the Republicans. the questions that the Obama supporters were not able to answer dealt with issues that Old Media deliberately held back. Things like William Ayers and such.

Here are the results of that poll:

512 Obama Voters 11/13/08-11/15/08 MOE +/- 4.4 points

97.1% High School Graduate or higher, 55% College Graduates

Results to 12 simple Multiple Choice Questions

57.4% could NOT correctly say which party controls congress (50/50 shot just by guessing)

71.8% could NOT correctly say Joe Biden quit a previous campaign because of plagiarism (25% chance by guessing)

82.6% could NOT correctly say that Barack Obama won his first election by getting opponents kicked off the ballot (25% chance by guessing)

88.4% could NOT correctly say that Obama said his policies would likely bankrupt the coal industry and make energy rates skyrocket (25% chance by guessing)

56.1% could NOT correctly say Obama started his political career at the home of two former members of the Weather Underground (25% chance by guessing).

And yet…..

Only 13.7% failed to identify Sarah Palin as the person on which their party spent $150,000 in clothes

Only 6.2% failed to identify Palin as the one with a pregnant teenage daughter

And to show exactly how badly Old Media screwed the pooch in trying to get Obama elected:

And 86.9 % thought that Palin said that she could see Russia from her “house.”

Sarah Palin never said that. Tina Fey said it on Saturday Night Live, but Old Media, either because they were so in the tank for Obama or because they are incompetant and don’t know how to do proper research, simply allowed the story to go without trying to correct it.

And here is John Ziegler’s interview on Fox News with some elements of his video as portrayed on Hannity & Colmes:

How The Media Helped Obama Get Elected
Fox News
November 19, 2008

Media Malpractice. How Obama Supporters Knew Very Little About The Election
Fox News
November 17, 2008

Sean Hannity is absolutely correct. The year 2008 will go down in history as the year in which journalistic integrity died.

You can access the complete web entry on-line here:

How Obama Got Elected
John Ziegler


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