Al Franken Lawyered Up And Ready To Steal Minnesota Senate Seat

This is going to be the most closely watched recount in the history of the United States. And it is starting to look like the most blatent attempt to steal an election ever made by either party. Of course, I am referring to Al Franken’s Democrats.

He is all lawyered up and ready to steal the Minnesota Senate Seat by getting disqualified votes counted.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

[W]ho needs to worry about votes discovered in a car when the Franken campaign is now suing in court to steal the election?

Minnesota this week began its official statewide recount, and Mr. Franken isn’t hanging on the outcome. Instead, he’s trying to conjure up enough other, previously disqualified, ballots to overturn Mr. Coleman’s 215-vote lead. The Democrat needs to invent votes because he knows it will be tough to win a normal recount. Minnesota uses optical scanning machines, which are far more accurate than the punchcard paper ballots of the 2000 Florida recount. Prior recounts in Minnesota have resulted in few vote changes.

So off to court he goes, with Mr. Franken demanding that the state canvassing board delay certifying the initial election results. His campaign claims that absentee votes may have been wrongly rejected by election judges. Team Franken filed a lawsuit in Ramsey County (the state’s second largest, and an area Mr. Franken won decisively) demanding a list of these absentee voters, so that the Democrat can contact them, get them to declare their ex post facto preference, and, presto, he wins.

How many legitimate votes are going to be negated because of legal chicanery like this? One negated vote will be one too many.

The gubernatorial race in Washington State back in 2004 set a very bad precedent when the Democrats kept going back to the courts until enough votes had been “found” for Gregoire to win. The Minnesota Senate election is starting to look eerily similar and you can bet that once the Democrats have perfected this little scheme for stealing elections, it will happen alot more often on a much larger scale.

You can access the complete article on-line here:

Al Franken’s Minnesota
Wall Street Journal Review & Outlook
November 21, 2008


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