Kathleen Parker Admits Her Own Religious Bigotry While Barack Obama Searches For A New Church

Kathleen Parker has become one of the biggest blemishes in the Conservative movement to date. I understand why her columns are still carried at the uber-liberal Washington Post but am wondering why she is still covered by the Conservative website Town Hall. Her latest column was nothing more than hateful, spiteful religious bigotry and that sort of attitude has no place among true Conservatives.

Writing for National Review, Jonah Goldberg takes her to task and expresses the sentiments that most Conservatives would like to express to Parker’s face. From his blog post:

I don’t know what’s more grating, the quasi-bigotry that has you calling religious Christians low brows, gorillas and oogedy-boogedy types or the bravery-on-the-cheap as you salute — in that winsome way — your own courage for saying what (according to you) needs to be said. Please stop bragging about how courageous you are for weathering a storm of nasty email you invite on yourself by dancing to a liberal tune. You aren’t special for getting nasty email, from the right or the left. You aren’t a martyr smoking your last cigarette. You’re just another columnist, talented and charming to be sure, but just another columnist. You are not Joan of the Op-Ed Page. Perhaps the typical Washington Post reader (or editor) doesn’t understand that. But you should, and most conservatives familiar with these issues can see through what you’re doing.

These are very strong words considering the fact that Jonah Goldberg is Jewish.

And for the record, Parker really did use the words “low brows, gorillas and oogedy-boogedy types” in her column to describe Christians. You’ll have to go and research that on your own as I will not give her any more recognition with a link to her work. She doesn’t deserve that.

But you can read an excerpt from her column and Jonah’s comments on-line here:

Quit It Kathleen
Jonah Goldberg
National Review Online
November 19, 2008

And according to CBN, Barack Obama is looking for a new church to attend in Washington, D.C.

In just over two months, the Obama family will make the White House their new home. But they’ll also be looking for a new church home.

Since the Obamas left Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ over the Reverend Jeremiah Wright controversy, they haven’t had a church home.

President-elect Barack Obama has been spending his Sunday mornings at the gym. Some DC churches hope that’ll change once the Obamas hit town.

It shouldn’t be too hard for him to find one. There are several all-black churches in Washington D.C. that preach hatred of white people. Given that Barack Obama spent twenty years attending and listening to the racist sermons of Jeremiah Wright (despite his claims to the contrary), he’ll fit right in.

But, I do find it ironic that the libs who criticized President Bush for his faith are praising Obama for his faith. Double-standard anyone?

You can access the complete article on-line here:

Obama Searches For New Church Home
Paul Strand
November 19, 2008


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