Mexican Police Officer Killed Because He Was Armed With A Toy Gun

This comes from the “Well, Duh!” Department.

From KRGV News Channel 5, Harlingen, Texas:

REYNOSA, Mexico – City officials in Reynosa say their police officers need their guns back. The Mexican military took the officers’ guns away last week.

Mexican officials say one of their own was shot when he was trying to stop an armed robber. The officer pulled out a toy gun, since he did not have a real one. The suspect did not give in, and instead he allegedly shot the officer several times.

Reynosa officials say this proves unarmed police are in danger.

This also proves that the gun-control nuts who think that passing laws to disarm everyone will somehow make us all safer, are absolutely wrong. Looks like the Mexican military forgot to take the guns away from the criminals before they took them away from the police.

And how many among us believe that the criminals will voluntarily turn in their firearms just because some leftist politicians passed a law?

As for Reynosa, now that the criminals know the police can’t fight back, do you think the violent crime rate will go up or down? My bet is that it is going to spike upward.

You can access the original story on-line here:

Reynosa Officer Killed After Trying To Use Toy Gun
KRGV Channel 5 News
November 15, 2008

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