Dems Still Trying To Steal Senate Seat In Minnesota

Didn’t I say it would end up just like Washington State in 2004? That is how predictable leftists are. They will always go back to the same, shady, underhanded strategies that their party masters indoctrinated them with.

What happened in Washington State is now happening in Minnesota.

From The Hill:

Democrat Al Franken’s (Minn.) campaign filed a brief with Minnesota’s Board of Canvassers Monday seeking to have the organization in charge of certifying the election include some disqualified provisional and absentee ballots in the vote totals.

“There are, of course, legitimate reasons to reject absentee ballots,” said Franken spokesman Andy Barr in a conference call with reporters. “But it is clear that there are some absentee ballots that have been rejected in error. Those votes should be counted.”

The Franken campaign said they expected their campaign and the Coleman campaign to have an opportunity to present arguments before the board at 1 p.m. tomorrow, but opened the door to a federal challenge to the election results should the board decide against them.

Barr refused to give an exact estimate of how many previously excluded ballots may be added to the tally, but said he believed it to be in the “hundreds.”

Isn’t it amazing how they keep “finding” votes for Al Franken? I wonder how many of those ballots were from people registered by ACORN?

It’s Washington State all over again. I’ll bet they’ll soon start wanting to count votes from dead.

Franken Wants Disqualified Ballots To Count
The Hill
November 17, 2008


4 Responses

  1. Democracy is about “finding” the voice of the people in government. If the voices happen to be pointing at Franken, then so be it.

    There’s a strong difference between being upset at voters’ choices being ignored and being upset the challenger’s (who may win) point of view differs from your own.

    Let’s be clear about one thing…
    Democracy isn’t about “leftists” (whoever you think they are) or “rightwing” people wanting to their party in government. It’s about reflecting the voice of the people by our leaders.

    Not every anomaly is a conspiracy and judging them as such is quite often a symptom of paranoia.

    All votes should have initially been accurately counted, but since that was botched, the rejected votes had to be reevaluated. If there is merit that they were rejected improperly, then they will be counted. That’s the procedure that took place.

    Which way the votes are going is irrevelant.

    Full disclosure: I’m not a Democrat or Republican.

    • eksith,

      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Your points are valid and I agree with them.

      However, in this case, the courts and the cavassing boards have only been “finding” the voices of those who support Al Franken. The voices of those who support Norm Coleman are being silenced by the Democrats on the boards and in the courts.

  2. I hope you’re aware that you’re making an extremely serious charge here.

    The term “steal” lives little doubt in the minds of your readers and as a publisher, it is your responsibility to be honest with your words.

    If you truly believe what you say then we’re in disagreement.

    I’m just not seeing an active campaign to supress Coleman votes by the Franken campaign. Franken himself has said that he wants all votes in question to be included and reevaluated. He makes no differentiation between Republican or Democrat votes.

    Looks like Franken may have the job after all as I just heard on the news.

    I’m not partial to Franken. And frankly, considering his past, I find the whole notion of a comedy writer running for office rather silly. Then again Regan was an actor, so I guess anything is possible.

    • eksith,

      I stand by what I wrote as well as what is being reported about the anomalies in the recount process. We should al be concerned that the Franken campaign, the canvassing boards and the courts (all mostly controlled by Democrats) are perfectly okay with with counting double-votes and a number of ballots “found” in a Franken-supporting pollster’s car. But these same people want to ignore hundreds of absentee ballots that would swing the contest towards Colemen.

      You, yourself, wrote “All votes should have initially been accurately counted.” They should also be accurately recounted as well. Clearly, due to the outcomes of various court rulings and rulings by the canvassing board, the recount is being botched as well.

      As Josef Stalin once wrote: “It does not matter who casts the votes. It only matters who counts them.” The Dems in Minnesota have taken that lesson to heart.

      thanks for reading my blog.

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