Dems Inch Closer To Stealing the Minnesota Senate Race

Didn’t I say this would happen? Was it really that hard to predict?

They are “finding” votes for Franken. And by “finding” I mean in very suspicious places and circumstances.

KSAX TV is reporting that 32 ballots turned up in a car owned by Minneapolis elections director Cynthia Reichert. That’s right, they just “turned up” with no rhyme or reason. Apparently, the ballots had been sitting in her car for several days and she apparently felt no reason whatsoever to report them until now.

Judge: New Ballots Will Be Counted In Senate Race
November 10, 2008

The integrity of those ballots has clearly been compromised but they are going to be counted anyway.

Amanda Carpenter at Town Hall has some more about why this is turning out to be a very suspicious recount and why we should all be concerned about it:

Nearly every development of the Minnesota Senate recount between Republican incumbent Norm Coleman and comedian-turned-candidate Al Franken has favored Franken.

On Election Day, Coleman was 725 votes ahead of Franken. That margin was so slim it triggered a mandatory recount to be conducted by Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie (D.).

That edge winnowed to 477 on Wednesday, 338 on Thursday and then 221 on Friday.

100 of the votes that came in for Franken’s favor from Mountain Iron and St. Louis counties were time stamped on November 2—two days before the election. Ccunty election officials says the voting machines just had the wrong date, but Coleman’s staff doesn’t think they are legit. Every single one of the votes from these two counties went for Franken and Obama.

“Obviously, this is highly suspicious. They found 100 votes, and it’s statistically impossible that all 100 votes went to the two Democrats, even in St. Louis County,” Coleman’s campaign manager Cullen Sheehan told the Star-Tribune.

For those who think that the questionable voter registration activities of ACORN are “no big deal,” reality shows us clearly that it is a very big deal.

Update On The MN Senate Race
Amanda Carpenter
November 10, 2008


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