The Cowardly Character Assassination Of Sarah Palin

So, those idiots in the McCain camp who started those rumors about Sarah Palin have made their mark. All they have done is awakened a sleeping giant. Michelle Malkin explains why over at Town Hall:

Let’s assume for a moment that the McCain rumormongers are telling the truth about Palin (and I don’t believe they are). Who would it damn more: Palin, or McCain and his vetters, who greenlighted her for the vice presidential nomination? Don’t need a fancy Ivy League degree to figure that one out.

In introducing her to America, McCain praised her independence and backbone: She “stands up for what’s right, and she doesn’t let anyone tell her to sit down.” The inside snipers are now roasting her for that very attribute — redefined as “going rogue” — because she had the nerve to try to schedule media interviews on her own. The nerve of her!

Palin’s response to the campaign fragging? At a late Wednesday night airport press conference in Anchorage, immediately upon landing home after the election defeat, she smiled cheerfully. The Alaska governor shrugged off the “foolish things” said by the McCain saboteurs, and simply said, “It’s politics. … It’s rough and tumble and you’ve got to have a thick skin just like I’ve got.”

She certainly has thicker skin than the cowards who hid behind the cloak of anonimity and started sniping at her. And the attacks against Sarah Palin have come from the most usual places:

Hollywood savaged Palin. Journalists mocked her. Liberal blogs slimed her. Opponents cursed her, Photoshopped her, hacked her e-mail, hanged her in effigy, called her bigot, Bible-thumper and bimbo, and attacked her husband and children. But nothing Palin endured during the election season compares to the treatment she’s receiving from these backstabbing blabbermouths who worked on the same campaign she poured herself into over the last three months.

Sarah Palin worked her heart out. She energized tens of thousands to come out when they would have otherwise stayed home. She touched countless families. I didn’t agree with everything she said on the campaign trail. But she vigorously defended the Second Amendment and the sanctity of life more eloquently in practice than any of the educated conservative aristocracy. And she did it all with a tirelessness and an infectious optimism that defied the shameless, bottomless attempts by elites in both parties to bring her and her family down.

The attacks were relentless and incredibly sexist and chauvanistic. Libs will never accept that a strong, independent woman can achieve success without the agenda driven help of a leftist organization. Thus, they launched the largest, sexist smear campaign in history. And the idiot insiders of the McCain camp have jumped on the bandwagon.

But let’s look at what McCain himself wrote:

“The most important thing I have learned, from my parents, from teachers, from my faith, from many good people I have been blessed to know, and from the lives of people whose stories we have included in this book,” John McCain wrote in “Character Is Destiny,” “is to want what they had, integrity, and to feel the sting of my conscience when I have risked it for some selfish reason.”

John McCain not only failed to make that message stick with the electorate, he apparently couldn’t persuade his own staff to heed his advice and practice what he preached.

And unless the GOP comes out and condemns this leftist-style character assasination of a great American like Sarah Palin, they will not get one thin dime from me in any kind of contribution. Further, those engaged in such a dishonorable action should be purged from the GOP forever. I ask that all true Conservatives adopt the same stance and send a loud and clear message to the RNC.

You can access the complete article on-line here:

The Cowardly Character Assassination Of Sarah Palin
Michelle Malkin
November 7, 2008


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