Steve Schmidt Makes A Statement About The Palin Rumors

I’m kind of wondering why it took two days for someone from the McCain campaign to finally come out and give us some information, one way or the other. But, Steve Schmidt is suspected of being one of the major leakers who has been disparaging Sarah Palin, as I noted in a previous blog posting:

Fox News Goes Tabloid Trash With Sarah Palin Rumors
November 6, 2008

Greta Van Susterin has been contacted by Steve Schmidt. According to GretaWire at Fox News:

I just got a call from Steve Schmidt, of the Senator McCain campaign. He has never originated a call to me before.

He said the report (and it has gone viral on the internet and other MSM) that Governor Palin came to the door in a towel is a UNTRUE. He said: “NEVER HAPPENED.” He said he only saw her in business suits or in sweats on the plane relaxing between events.

So, how many of the other rumors can we believe, if any at all?

Greta will get the first post-election interview with Sarah Palin next Monday.

You can access the original post on-line here:

Greta Van Susterin
November 7, 2008


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