The Time To Gloat

Here is an interesting analysis from an African-American commentator about the Obama victory:

As is their ability to do so, Democrats will now go on a search-and-destroy mission of all things that have been a thorn in their side for all these years. They will attempt to silence talk radio, internet conservatives, Republican activists, and to a small extent, we have it coming. We have been too tolerant.

We have allowed RINOs to take over the Republican Party. Those who sought to reach out to Democrats, while a noble gesture, are the ones who brought the Barack Obama juggernaut down around us. When Bill Clinton was first elected with a Democrat house and senate, no overtures were demanded by the media, and none was offered by the left. When John McCain found media refuge in bashing his own party in 2000, he believed it was the ticket to political success. When George W. Bush was elected, his “New Tone” was not embraced, and should Rahm Emanuel become Obama’s chief of staff, no new tone will even be considered.

I suspect that my blogging days will be numbered as the new socialist administration comes in and tries to silence me and others like me who oppose the policies of socialism. But there is more to it than that:

Our elected national leaders decided it was more important to be liked by our enemies, and took our votes for granted. Our elected leaders decided it was more important to water down our principles, spurn the base that put them in power, and reach out to those who consider us lower than Satan’s bile.

We have allowed them unfettered access to our children, and liberals have successfully spawned a new generation who voted for Obama because they were told they would see “change”. We allowed the left the room to protest conservatives, while they redefined our God-given right of dissent as “hate” and “smears”. We have allowed them to rewrite history for their political convenience, and use the very words of racism and intolerance upon those who had the nerve to oppose them.

Remember my post from yesterday about how a public school teacher was forcing acceptance of the gay and lesbian lifestyle on 6-year-olds? That is going to become even more common under Barack Obama.

But there may be hope:

Should that happen, the RINO wing of our party should not be allowed anywhere near the reigns of power and decision making. If anyone is to blame for the election drubbing that was, it was those who sought to go-along-to-get-along for their own personal aggrandizement. ALL of those in the Republican leadership who ever sought compromise, when they didn’t have to, need be removed from any kind of political influence. If they are not, don’t bother sending out those donation letters. Don’t bother asking for volunteer help. Don’t bother asking us to call our Democrat congressmen and women to complain, when these same “Republicans” will stab us in the back and have drinks with them later.

Whoever is the new Republican Party head coach, he or she needs to be someone with a spine. Only losers seek to reach across the aisle. Only losers abide by the demands of a slanted media and lift their foot off the neck of a vanquished opponent. Only losers seek the adoration of those who hate us. Only losers seek our votes when it comes time to keep them in power, yet are ashamed to be seen in public with us.

Our losers have brought us to this moment and we shall pay dearly for allowing them to do so unchecked. Until we have fully purged our Grand Old Party of the enemy within, we deserve everything a vengeful, intolerant, hate-filled Democrat Party will do to us.

Let the Democrats gloat. They will.

While they rub it in our faces, don’t get mad solely at the progressives. Remember those who brought us all down with them and when the time comes, we won’t be kissing their asses. We must kick them out once and for all.

Early names for kicking include Chris Buckley, Kathleen Parker, Peggy Noonan and George Will.

The fire has finally gone out. It is time for us conservatives to rise up and reassert ourselves as the reality people-based we are. As the pop-rock group Asia once sang: And from the wreckage I will arise! Cast the ashes back in their eyes!”

You can access the complete column on-line here:

The Time To Gloat
Bob Parks
Black & Right
November 5, 2008

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