Mark Warner’s Macaca Moment: Calls Christians, NRA Members And Home-Schoolers A ‘Threat To America’

You know, I believe in the right to keep and bears arms just as the Supreme Court ruled the Second Amendment says. I believe the Judeo-Christian Faith is what allowed America to grow into the nation it is today. I believe people should have the right to educate their own children when public schools fail due to teachers indoctrinating rather than educating students.

And Mark Warner has the unmitigated gall to call me a “threat to America?”

Does he not see his own presidential candidate, the one he has pictures of in his own ads, palling around with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and not see that as a threat? Does he not see Obama’s thugs trying to silence criticism through the use prosecutors and law-enforcement officials and not see that as a threat?

No, he sees people like me, people who believe in the rights guaranteed under the first ten amendments, as a threat to America.

He might as well have just called me and millions like me a “macaca.”

You can access the audio of him saying these things here:

You Tube Video

Or you can access it on-line here:

Warner Attacks The NRA And Other Groups
July 22, 2008


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