Virginia Teacher’s Union Asks Teachers To Indoctirnate Students To Be Obama Supporters

On September 25, 2008, the state teacher’s union of Virginia sent out an email to its members asking them to wear blue to show their support for Barack Obama and to influence the students they teach to do the same.

Sound like some conspiracy theory? Check out the text of the email. According to Fox News:

“There are people out there not yet registered. You teach some of them,” the Sept. 25 e-mail reads. “Others, including our members, remain on the fence! Its time for us to come together, voice our unity, because we make a difference!”

“Let’s make Obama Blue Day a day of Action!” the e-mail continues. “Barack the vote!”

In a statement released to Thursday, VEA President Kitty Boitnott defended the e-mail, saying that it called for teachers to wear blue shirts, but not ones that mentioned a candidate.

Of course, that is a lame cop-out from Boitnott. With words like “Obama Blue Day” and “Barack the vote,” she must think we are stupid or something.

Gerry Scimeca gets it right:

“It’s a breach of public trust on many levels,” Virginia Republican Party Communications Director Gerry Scimeca told

Scimeca, who described the VEA as a “very political organization,” said the school environment is “a completely inappropriate place for teachers or education staff to be politicking on behalf of any candidate. Parents send their kids to school to get a bipartisan education.”

Actually, I send my kids to school to get an education in mathematics, history, English grammar, reading, science and things like that. They don’t teach that as much in Public Schools anymore so I send my kids to Private School instead.

You can access the complete column on-line here:

Virginia Teachers Union Sparks Outrage With ‘Obama Blue Day’
October 2, 2008


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