Vice Presidential Debate Moderator Is In The Tank For Barack Obama: Gwen Ifill

Gwen Ifill is clearly in the tank for Obama and has somehow managed to land the moderator slot for the Palin-Biden Debate.

This should be a wake-up call for America. When our journalists lie to us by claiming objectivity where no objectivity exists, we should call them on it and bring it out into the open. That is why the New Media and the blogosphere has been such a good thing for us.

Ifill has a book coming out soon. It is entitled: The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama. How anyone can pen a book like that and claim to be impartial is beyond the realm of rationally thinking people.

Michelle Malkin over at TownHall has more on this:

In an imaginary world where liberal journalists are held to the same standards as everyone else, Ifill would be required to make a full disclosure at the start of the debate. She would be required to turn to the cameras and tell the national audience that she has a book coming out on Jan. 20, 2009 — a date that just happens to coincide with the inauguration of the next president of the United States.

Ifill and her publisher are banking on an Obama/Biden win to buoy her book sales. The moderator expected to treat both sides fairly has grandiosely declared this the “Age of Obama.” Can you imagine a right-leaning journalist writing a book about the “stunning” McCain campaign and its “bold” path to reform timed for release on Inauguration Day — and then expecting a slot as a moderator for the nation’s sole vice presidential debate?

Ifill should do the disclosure thing and tell the entire nation right before the debate that she is an Obama supporter and that she has a vested interest in an Obama/Biden win. If not, Governor Palin should do it for her frequently throughout the debate.

Will Ifill be fair? Let’s look at that record so far:

Ifill has appeared on numerous radio and TV talk shows over the past several months to cash in on her access to the Obama campaign. She recently penned a fawning cover story on the Obamas for Essence magazine that earned much buzz.

During the Democratic National Convention, Ifill offered her neutral analysis on NBC News before Michelle Obama’s speech: “A lot of people have never seen anything that looks like a Michelle Obama before. She’s educated, she’s beautiful, she’s tall, she tells you what she thinks and they hope that she can tell a story about Barack Obama and about herself.”

During the Republican National Convention, the PBS ombudsman fielded numerous complaints about Ifill’s coverage of Sarah Palin’s speech. Wrote Brian Meyers of Granby, Ct.:

“I was appalled by Gwen Ifill’s commentary directly following Gov. Sarah Palin’s speech. Her attitude was dismissive and the look on her face was one of disgust. Clearly, she was agitated by what most critics view as a well-delivered speech. It is quite obvious that Ms. Ifill supports Obama as she struggled to say anything redemptive about Gov. Palin’s performance. I am disappointed in Ms. Ifill’s complete disregard for journalistic objectivity.”

Like Obama, Ifill, who is black, is quick to play the race card at the first sign of criticism. In an interview with the Washington Post a few weeks ago, she carped: “[N]o one’s ever assumed a white reporter can’t cover a white candidate.”

You knew the race card was coming, right? Seems that we can’t get away from that particualr tactic, even when race isn’t in question.

Ifill should recuse herself from this debate, or at the very least, give a full disclosure of her interests at the very beginning.

And if she doesn’t give full disclosure, Governor Palin should do it for her.

You can access the complete column on-line here:

A Debate “Moderator” In The Tank For Obama
Michelle Malkin
October 1, 2008


4 Responses

  1. How do they continue to get away with this? NBC has been so bad that I am boycotting the entire network (except, I have switched to Leno from Letterman because of Letterman’s blatant favoritism and abuse of his forum). It’s funny (but not in a humorous way) that ruling mainstream media (TV and newspapers) is not good enough for these loony liberals. They want to abolish any pretension of balance by doing away with Imus, Rush, Ramsey, and any other radio personality who does not fall lockstep in line with their idiotic beliefs.

  2. It’s bad enough that the commission would try to get away with choosing the PBS crew for moderators, but to ask Gwen Ifill whose partisanship and favoritism and self-interest is so obvious is affront to most people who think the debates should be fair. A disclaiming narrative about her book is inadequate. She should be replaced.

  3. Gwen Ifill should not be the moderator or the VP debate. No number of disclaimers will satisfy the arms length distance that should be required to show “impartiality.” Why not have Rush Linbaugh be a co-moderator?

  4. What an absolute travesty of supposed “unbiased” media presentation that they have set up here. We have a self-described admirer and supporter of Mr Obama to “mediate” a debate!! She has written a book gushing praise and is a full fledged backer of the candidate. The debate has no credibility in the eyes of millions of voters. With the constant partiality from sources such as KPBS, it is no wonder that viewer-ship declines and funds have to be sucked away from taxpayers just so the station can survive.

    The means and motives are transparent and only serve to widen the rift the has divided this country. KPBS and the University should be ashamed to call this anything but what is, and that is a stacked and biased debate.

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